4 Ways to Increase Engagement with Your Rehab Center’s Facebook Page

The growing use of social media in today’s world has led many companies to create Facebook pages for their business. Having a Facebook page provides a great way to interact and engage with your followers and potential clients.

We would like to provide you with some easy steps you can take to increase engagement on your rehab center’s Facebook page.

Why is Facebook important to rehab centers?

With over 2 billion monthly users on Facebook, using this social media platform is an excellent way to reach potential clients for your rehab center. Facebook is an ideal platform for reaching the growing number of mobile users and it offers many features that your rehab center can take advantage of such as custom-targeted audiences for ads and Facebook Live videos.

How to increase engagement with your rehab center using Facebook

As you increase engagement with your Facebook page, you can connect with your followers and establish loyalty and trust. Engaging with your followers shows them that you care.

1. Ask questions

Within your posts, asking questions can help you engage with your followers. Questions will spark a dialog and allow you to interact directly.

There are many different types of questions you can ask your followers:

  • Fill in the blank — Fill in the blank will let you discover insight about your fans. They can also help you generate new ideas. For example, asking clients “if I had 1 million dollars I would ____.” could help you understand what their interests are.
  • Survey — Surveys will allow you to get direct feedback about a service or product. It will encourage fans to elaborate about their opinion in the comments.
  • Tips — Asking for tips will begin a conversation about a topic and encourage followers to interact with your company as well as other followers. For example, asking for tips about overcoming addiction could allow users to connect with one another through your Facebook post.

Questions are a great way to encourage direct engagement, and you can get creative with the types of questions you ask.

 2. Use images

Photographs are one of the most engaging types of post you can create.  Posts with photos on Facebook have an 87% interaction rate. Posts with links, videos or a status only receive a 4% interaction rate.

As we have all heard, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and this phrase applies to using photos on Facebook. Find images that will relate to your followers and compliment your written text. Images will stand out while individuals are scrolling through their news feed that contains their friends’ posts and status updates.

Select high-quality images with real people. Images with real people will generate greater engagement than stock images. You could include pictures with staff members or potential influencers in the rehabilitation industry.

But you should never use images of a client being treated, or an image of an individual without their consent.


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3. Call-to-action

Including a call to action in every post is a great way to encourage engagement.

When you post, you want your viewers to view it, click it, like it and even share it. As viewers react to your post, your EdgeRank increases. EdgeRank is how Facebook determines how often to show your posts in your fans news feeds, and as your EdgeRank improves, you will generate more views.

To increase your EdgeRank, include a call to action. After all, one of the best ways to get people to interact is to tell them to interact. A call to action can, but does not always need to include the phrases “like this post” or “share this post with your friends.”

You can use questions, as we mentioned above, and encourage viewers to tell you their answers in the comments.

One of the most beneficial calls-to-action that you can use is “visit our website to learn more.” Once you get potential clients to visit your website, they’ll be able to learn even more about your rehab center and are even more likely to convert.

4. Know when and how often to post

Two important factors to consider about your posts are what time and how often to post. Mastering these factors will help your posts receive more engagement.

When to post

The time you post is an important factor that will affect who sees your posts. If you are posting during the day when everyone is working, individuals will be less likely to see your updates. Knowing who your audience is and being aware of what times they will most likely be on social media, will help you develop your strategy.

Some of the best times have shown to be around noon and after 7 PM. Also, engagement on Facebook is 32% higher on the weekends, since individuals aren’t working and have more time to spend on social media. With Facebook’s ability to schedule a post in advance, you can schedule your posts on the weekend, when you aren’t at work. Scheduling in advance will allow you to reach individuals at the times when they are on social media.

How often to post

We have all had friends on Facebook or seen companies that post many times each day. Too much posting can lead to a negative effect, but how do you know what the right amount is? A study conducted by Buddy Media showed that pages with 1 or 2 posts per day had 40% higher engagement than pages posting more than 3 times each day.

How does your rehab center use Facebook?

Does your rehab center have a Facebook page? What ways have you found to engage with your viewers on Facebook? We would love to know in the comments below!