9 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips for Rehab Centers

Social media is rapidly transforming into one of the top digital marketing tactics used by businesses across all industries — medical facilities included. How can you succeed on social media, though? With proven social media marketing tips.

Get started on your rehab facility’s social media with these nine powerful tips!

1.      Offer advice and valuable information

Many businesses develop a social media marketing strategy.

For you, this signifies that you’ll face intense competition when starting your social media campaign. So how can you remain on top? Begin by offering advice and valuable information that makes following your social media accounts worthwhile for followers.

As rehabilitation clinics are a part of the healthcare industry, your target market is likely interested in learning more about treatment options, therapy plans, and more. The best way to promote your services is by providing prospective clients with the reassurance they need.

Share recent blog posts and articles on your center’s page while also encouraging followers to ask any questions they have on one of your social media platforms. The more informed people are about your services, the more likely they are to contact your center and become a client.

2.      Keep posts consistent

One of the biggest keys to success with any marketing campaign, from social to email, is consistency. If you don’t post often, how can you expect your center to remain at the forefront of your target audience’s mind?

No matter how entertaining your content is, from videos to text posts, your social media marketing campaign won’t produce impressive results unless you consistently make an effort to generate new posts.

Since social media users browse their social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, several times throughout the day, it’s crucial to post messages, videos, and pictures on these platforms regularly.


Woman browsing facebook3.      Be visual

While your rehabilitation center may have a lot to say, it’s important to remember that visuals are an essential part of your social media marketing campaign too. You can’t expect followers to read several paragraphs of text on social media. Make your message quick.

Since you lead a facility based in the healthcare industry, you may assume that sharing written information is the key to promoting your brand with success. However, with digital marketing, this is not always the case.

When potential clients scroll through their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feed, they want to see visuals. Post pictures that highlight the top-quality services and amenities at your facility while displaying videos that showcase the experiences of clients at your rehab center.

4.      Form a community

Social media platforms serve as the ideal place to market your clinic. Not only do these sites have a large following, but they also give you the option to engage and interact with clients in a variety of ways.

When you take your marketing plans to websites like Facebook and Instagram, be sure to connect with prospective clients by forming a community. When you promote discussion and interactions between your followers and facility staff, people are more likely to entrust your clinic with their health.

As rehabilitation can be a sensitive subject for some people on social media, forming a welcoming and tight-knit community makes it easier for others to join and engage with your social media page with confidence.

5.      Pay attention to thumbnails

Whenever you scroll through your Facebook feed or browse YouTube videos, what does it take to grab your attention? If you’re like most people, first appearances matter — and nothing could be more accurate when discussing successful marketing videos.

Make sure to create captivating thumbnails for your videos.

With these kinds of thumbnails, you invite consumers to explore your content further. Use questions in your thumbnail that relate to your target audience, such as: “Do you want to improve your health?” or “Have you ever wondered what it takes to stop an addiction?”

When you make a statement in your thumbnail, you increase your clinic’s chances of generating attention from your target market. It also makes your content easy-to-share because you convey what your video is about with a single image.


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6.      Build a sense of credibility

As a consumer, one of the first questions you’re likely to ask before investing in a new product or service is, “Can I trust this company to provide me with superior service?” or “Is it safe to give this business my payment information?”

This is one of the initial inquiries prospective clients are likely to have when viewing your rehab clinic’s social media pages and website. If you want to motivate these followers to become clients, you need to demonstrate that you’re trustworthy.

Be sure to show honesty, reliability, and trustworthiness in your posts. When you show others that they can count on your clinic to take care of all their rehabilitation-related services, you’re in a better position to gain the loyal clients your business needs.

7.      Know your audience

One of the best social media marketing tips? Research your prospective clients. If you don’t know enough about the people you’re targeting, how can you reasonably expect your advertisements on these platforms to have success?

Begin by defining your audience.

Who would need rehabilitation services at your clinic, for example? Once you answer this question, be sure to research your targeted demographic to learn more about your audience’s point of view and what they want from a rehab center.

When you know how to reach your intended audience, it becomes easier to develop a social media content calendar. You can also build posts and generate ideas that connect with new and current followers.

8.      Use a call to action in posts

You want your social media to get noticed, but you also want your clinic to experience growth and higher conversion rates, too. While it’s important to engage with your followers and produce top-tier social media content, it’s also necessary to redirect them to your center’s website.

At the end of each post or video that you share on social media, request that clients go to your company’s website to learn more about your available services. By redirecting prospective clients to your site, you increase their chances of contacting your center.

Make sure, however, that you redirect followers to relevant pages on your website. If you post an article that doesn’t directly relate to your services, it won’t make sense to send followers to this page. Instead, you may direct them to a related article from your blog.

9.      Produce top-quality content

You’ve done all your necessary marketing research, and now you’re ready to get to work. Make sure you don’t overlook the most vital step in creating a social media marketing campaign — publishing top-quality content.

Your content will serve as the backbone of your social media presence. Whether you decide to link to blog content on your post or launch advertisements for your Facebook or Instagram page, remember to create top-tier visuals, graphics, and written content.

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Create a better social media marketing plan

Your rehabilitation center offers top-quality services to help clients experience a greater sense of wellbeing. You and your team have done the work required to establish a top-tier facility — now it’s time to let our team take care of the rest.

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