How to Advertise Your Rehab Center on Instagram

Your rehab center has a story to tell — why not let Instagram tell it for you? Instagram is a fast-growing social media site that’s becoming one of the top platforms for organizations to promote their products and services. How do you advertise on Instagram, though?

Instagram ads have the power to build brand awareness for your rehab center, as well as move your audience to action, whether by following your social media account, visiting your website, or contacting your team for help.

Ready to use Instagram in your rehab facility’s social media marketing strategy? Learn how to advertise on Instagram in this straightforward mini-guide to advertising on Instagram. Then, launch your first campaign.

1.      Establish your objective

Although many businesses turn to social media platforms such as Instagram for marketing purposes, not every company will share the same goals. It’s crucial to define your rehab center’s goals for Instagram to create a smart advertising campaign.

Start by deciding what you want to achieve through your Instagram ads. Do you want to redirect traffic to your clinic’s website? Are you hoping to increase your number of followers on Instagram? Or, perhaps you’ve released a new informative video that you want to get noticed.

No matter why you use Instagram understand the motivating factors behind your marketing campaign. Here’s a look at some of the common reasons why organizations invest in an Instagram marketing campaign:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Build brand awareness
  • Announce significant company news
  • Improve engagement levels
  • Generate website traffic

While it may seem like all the goals mentioned above are something your clinic would like to achieve, it’s crucial to understand that different ad types will target different goals. Know which objectives align with your rehab center’s aspirations before you get started.

Staged photo for instagram picture2.      Evaluate your audience

Wondering how to advertise on Instagram with excellent results?

Make sure you define your target audience.

Since this website hosts over one billion active monthly users, you need to narrow your intended audience to produce the best ad campaign. You can’t reasonably reach every user on the platform, so how do you make sure that your advertisements get noticed by the right people?

If you’re struggling to define your audience, use your current clientele for reference.

What age demographic do your clients represent? Do most of your clients come from one specific state, city, or region? What kind of content grabs the attention and interaction of your target market on Instagram?

Remember to ask yourself these vital questions before creating your ad campaign.

The audience you decide to focus on will have a direct impact on who sees and interacts with your ad. This fact influences the performance and results of your ad campaign, as well as your rehab center’s success.


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3.      Select your ad type

Unlike traditional advertising methods, which may leave you with a lackluster amount of options for your ad, social media platforms like Instagram allow you to choose from many different ad types to suit your center’s needs.

A few of the most popular ad types on Instagram include:

Photo ads

Instagram is a platform known for allowing users to share pictures fast. Since this website is so picture-oriented, it makes sense that many organizations use Instagram to display video ads to their potential clients.

Use compelling images that display the friendly faces of your team members, the beauty of your facilities, and the smiles of your clients on your Instagram ads. These happy, hopeful, and captivating visuals help you create an ad that may grab the attention of your audience.

Carousel ads

Sometimes, you have one photo that you want to show your users. Other times, you have a few pictures that would fit together in the same ad. In those situations, you can use Instagram carousel ads.

Carousel ads are an excellent way to tell a story. They give users the option of scrolling through multiple images in a single post, which can provide them with additional information and motivation to click on your ad.

A great way to use this feature for a rehab center would be by showing pictures of different past clients with a quote from each of them on their designated picture. At the end of the carousel, use your last slot to form a call to action that redirects users to your desired landing page.

These advertisements are versatile enough to indulge in your company’s creative side. Whether you decide to highlight multiple services at once or you opt to tell a story instead, use this ad space to reach more users effectively.

Video ads

During its early years, Instagram was geared strictly towards photos. Today, however, the site promotes video, which is why Instagram offers video ads. These ads provide a powerful strategy for engaging and interacting with your target audience.

There is no question that videos grab your audience’s attention.

As Instagram users scroll through their feed, a video ad can stop them in their tracks and command their attention. Since Instagram only allows short clips, you will need to keep your message short and to the point.

This factor may require some brainstorming and creativity on your team’s part. Depending on your ideas, you may need to hire a professional film company to create your ad. In most cases, you can reuse this video content across your website.

4.      Create a budget

Now that you have a general idea of the direction your Instagram advertising campaign, you need to prepare your finances for your upcoming work. In some cases, your team may find it helpful to create your budget first and then develop your strategy.

How much should you spend on Instagram ads, as a rehab center?

Instagram lets you choose your daily budget while giving the option to place a custom bid for each ad. No matter your clinic’s size and advertising budget, you can promote your business on Instagram.

For the best results, only invest what makes sense for your facility. If you have an audience on Instagram, but it doesn’t compare to the size of your target market on Facebook, then it makes more sense to spend more on Facebook ads than Instagram ads.

Instagram open on tablet5.      Put your ads into action

Once you have everything in order, it’s time to launch your Instagram advertising campaign.

One of the most crucial steps of your marketing campaign comes with displaying your advertisements to the public. Use all the information you’ve acquired during the research stage to ensure you use the right graphics, text, and advertisement placement.

Remember to use strategic hashtags and text to brand your rehab center too.

Since Instagram users are always looking for fresh content, be sure to update your advertisements too. Once you have your plan ready, you can launch your Instagram advertising campaign with success — and say you know how to advertise on Instagram.

Promote your rehab center on Instagram

Social media marketing is one of the top marketing techniques for rehab centers, which is why your clinic can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity to reach and help new clients, as well as grow your facility.

Not sure how to embark on your new advertising journey alone?

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Begin your marketing campaign right by connecting with our team of qualified marketing agents at WebFX today. We’ll help you define your target audience, craft effective ads, and improve your ad campaign performance.

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