Best Ad Extensions for Rehab Centers

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a must for today’s rehab centers. Learn how to optimize your PPC campaigns with the best ad extensions for rehab centers.

Why Ad Extensions?

Enabling Ad Extensions in Google AdWords is a great way for rehab centers to optimize their pay-per-click advertising campaign.

Google has stated that enabling ad extensions improves quality score. Quality score is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of your keywords and ad.  Ad Extensions can help improve your Ad Rank since quality score is one of Google’s main ranking factors. Even better, enabling ad extensions and improving ad rank can increase your rehab center’s click through rate by 10-15%.

Ad Extensions also allow your ads to take up more of a searcher’s screen, therefore making your ad more prominent. For example, imagine you are in Times Square in New York -what takes up most of your attention? Most likely the biggest, brightest, most apparent billboard or video up there.

Adding ad extensions compares to that attention-drawing advertisement in Times Square, making people more likely to click.

Ad extensions for rehab centers

Now that you know why Ad Extensions are beneficial, you are probably wondering which extensions are best for your rehab center. In order to change someone’s life, you must be able to reach them first.

These 5 Ad Extensions will best help you achieve that goal:

Sitelink extensions

Sitelink extensions are the most popular ad extensions and have been around for the longest time.

Sitelinks can take people to specific pages on your site, such as hours, services, contact form, or more. They allow users to go to deeper pages of your site without any extra cost per click. Recently, however, Google began allowing 8 sitelinks to be added instead of the original 4. Each sitelink can have a brief, two line description, and links to a deeper page of your website. Basically, using sitelink extensions is like showing a user 9 ads instead of 1 (1 normal ad and 8 sitelink ads). As mentioned above, this quality helps your ad stand out by taking up more space.

Rehab centers typically offer more than one type of rehab and have multiple facets that make up each program. As long as you have separate landing pages to showcase the variety of treatment your center offers, sitelink extensions are the perfect way to convey this information to a potential rehab client.

For example, for an ad about rehab centers, you could use sitelink extensions to showcase the different rehab programs you offer, like alcohol detox, drug detox, EMDR therapy, group therapy, PTSD program, and dual diagnosis rehab. For a more specific ad about alcohol addiction rehab, for example, you could showcase what makes up that program like, detox, repair, tools, and growth.

Providing users with this kind of information can ultimately lead them to your rehab center.


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Location extensions

Location extensions dynamically attach your facility’s address to your ads. These extensions target people who are local to your facility and are looking for help that is close to home.

These are especially helpful when you are offering emergency rehabilitation services, outpatient services, and counseling appointments—all treatment that is typically time-sensitive. These extensions can also give potential patients a link to easily find directions to your facility, making it easier to get the help they need.

Since roughly 20 percent of total Google searches and 40 percent of mobile searches are looking for local information, location extensions are great for getting relevant attention to your ad.

Call extensions

In the case of call extensions, your business phone number is added to your ads.

If a user is searching on a mobile device, he or she can simply click on your phone number to call. If the user is on a desktop with a calling service installed, the extension allows connection through that service. If not, your phone number is still visible, making it easy to access.

As a rehab center, you’ll have the ability to limit this extension to show only during open business hours, although many facilities accept 24/7 phone calls.

This extension gives those in need immediate access to a rehab center representative. This simple access of information can easily become the deciding factor when one is choosing a rehab facility. Further, if a patient is in crisis, this call extension could function as a potentially lifesaving form of outreach.

Review extensions

Review extensions allow you to highlight third party reviews in your ads.  Statistics show that people value outside reviews and seek them out before making any major decision. If the review is part of your ad, potential patients or their loved ones have proof that you are a quality rehab center, without having to make any extra clicks.

There can never be enough unbiased proof that you are the best choice possible. If people are serious about reviews for something like a sandwich, imagine how much importance is placed on reviews when it is a potential life or death situation.

Callout extensions

Callout extensions add 2 to 6 callouts in addition to your ad. Callouts can showcase a variety of things—you can use them to summarize a business offering, highlight a benefit, talk about a discount, and more.

Rehab facilities can sometimes be expensive. This causes most people searching for a rehab facility to wonder whether their insurance is accepted and can cover some of the costs. Information in an ad about accepted insurance can be the deciding factor on whether someone clicks or not.

Callout extensions add another great place to summarize insurance information for your rehab center and make it obvious that you care about patients’ financial needs.

You can also use callout extensions to highlight differentiating factors about your rehab center, such as having a holistic approach, trained staff, and 24/7 crisis prevention.

Ready to Optimize?

Not all Ad Extensions will show every time, so a best practice is to enable as many as possible so that Google is likely to choose at least one, hopefully more.

If you are too busy running your rehab facility to manage an entire PPC campaign, we are here for you. Contact us today to create a marketing strategy for your unique needs!