Content Marketing in Healthcare: Everything You Need to Know

Today, more healthcare organizations use digital marketing strategies, like content marketing, to help achieve their goals for growth and success. The role of content marketing in healthcare is immense, improving brand awareness, conversion rates, revenue, and more.

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What is content marketing?

If you’re new to content marketing, you’re probably wondering, “What is content marketing?” Content marketing is one of the most important digital marketing tactics in healthcare today, making it a high-value strategy for rehab centers.

Content marketing creates meaningful and appealing content online that drives organic traffic to your site. The goal is to provide top-tier content that meets the needs of your target market, whether that’s answering common questions or sharing industry news.

The content of your website also reflects the quality of the services offered at your rehab center.

Putting added effort into your content marketing plan is a great way to show current and potential clients that you care. When they visit your website and skim through your page, they can always count on your site to provide them with the information they need.

Why does content marketing in healthcare matter?

Since your services occupy the healthcare industry, you want to ensure that your marketing tactics don’t appear intrusive, inappropriate, or overbearing. You want to demonstrate the authority, trust, and expertise of your center when it comes to your content.

As you offer services that pertain to health, it’s also vital to provide patients with access to information that helps them understand your services better. In the healthcare industry, content marketing can share the benefits of enrolling as a patient, for example, through blog posts.

Connecting with your patients is crucial for your business.

For many patients, a center’s content can determine whether they want to contact your company or explore your services. Based on your content, they can decide if your center would meet their needs and standards.

Content marketing often allows your current and prospective patients to voice their opinions, too. Comment sections on blog posts and videos hold the potential for greater engagement with your audience.

Your content marketing plan can also explore more sensitive topics.

When you carefully plan your words in a way that makes patients feel comfortable and open, your ability to add a sense of understanding and empathy to medical issues can provide patients with the confidence to entrust your clinic with their care.

As a respected member of the healthcare industry, you’re continually looking for ways to connect with new patients, too. Since you can apply content marketing to different channels, like social media or email, you increase your opportunities for reaching unforeseen heights.

From carefully crafted emails to inspiring social media posts, there is an endless number of options for rehab centers looking to reach more people. Which mediums work best for you? Consider discussing your options with an experienced marketing team for more information.


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How do you use content marketing in healthcare?

Not sure how to develop the best content marketing plan for a business in the healthcare field? Here’s a look at the steps you should take when striving to create a superior content marketing plan for your rehab center.

1.      Outline your objectives

What are your short-term and long-term goals? Before you can develop a successful content marketing strategy for your business, you need to establish a plan for your desired campaign outcomes first.

What are the desired outcomes of your content marketing campaign? What channels does your business intend to use to publish and share its content? When you know what areas of interest you need to focus on, it’s easier to form a plan that drives results.

2.      Hire a professional marketing team

Once you know the direction of your marketing plan, you’re ready to hire a team of experts. For any business leader or marketing director feeling overwhelmed about content marketing, hiring marketing experts can alleviate the pressure of managing your campaign on your own.

Conduct research for content marketing agencies in your area to get a head start on your content marketing strategy. When you partner with credible experts, you’re ready to conduct the research necessary to produce a successful content marketing campaign.

3.      Research your target market

Who is your target audience? You need to answer this question before developing your strategy.

Depending on your rehab center’s focus, your services may appeal to a wide variety of prospective patients. While it’s crucial to consider the demographics and features of your current and past patients, remember to learn as much about your ideal client too

Once you know who you want to market your facility to, you can develop a targeted content marketing campaign. With a targeted approach to your strategy, you can create content that appeals directly to your target market.

4.      Brainstorm various content ideas

Do you have ideas for potential blog topics? Has your team discussed creating a video with testimonials from former or current patients? Jumpstart your campaign by outlining all your possible content marketing ideas.

Look to your target audience to develop content ideas. You want to build a content calendar that appeals to your target market’s wants, questions, and more. Browse the sites of competitors, online forums, social media, and more to find compelling content ideas for your center.

Discuss your concept ideas with your marketing team to see whether your business would benefit from putting these plans into action. If you’re struggling to come up with different topics, your digital marketing agency can develop appropriate ideas and innovative strategies.

You can also discuss with client-facing staff potential content ideas.

5.      Make a plan and put it into action

Now, it’s time to put your content marketing plan into action. Once you establish your goals and outline your ideas, your in-house team or your content marketing agency can begin producing and publishing content. They can also start thinking about the next step in your strategy.

Once you launch your content marketing campaign, it’s essential for your team to review it at a later date. You want to assess the performance of your strategy, as well as discover new ways to improve your content marketing plan.

If you partner with a content marketing agency, they will often review the performance of your content on a monthly, as well as annual basis. In most cases, your team and your agency will set a series of goals to achieve in a specific period.

Grow your rehabilitation center with content marketing

Whether you operate a local, regional, national, or global rehab facility, centers of any size in your industry need to provide potential clients with helpful yet engaging information that has the potential to motivate readers to contact your center.

You know that content marketing can drastically transform your business for the better.

Now, you’re left with one final question — how can you get started?

Begin by reaching out to our award-winning team at WebFX. Our team of qualified marketers will help you kick-start the content campaign you need to grow your business and achieve all your rehab center’s goals.

Get started by requesting a free quote from our experienced strategists today.

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