How Businesses Use Social Media for Marketing to Clients

You can’t talk about digital marketing without including social media in your discussion. These interactive and engagement-driven sites have quickly gained a reputation for building brand awareness, generating leads, and more.

How can businesses, like rehab centers, use social media for marketing to clients, though?

7 compelling reasons for your clinic to use social media marketing

Social media is quickly becoming a top digital marketing strategy for rehab centers.

Whether you operate a small-scale clinic or a national center with facilities across the country, it’s crucial to take advantage of a marketing strategy that has gained a reputation for producing considerable success.

Not sure how your clinic can earn the perks of a social media marketing campaign? Below, we’ll discuss seven powerful reasons for why your business should use social media marketing — and outline how you can capture these benefits in your strategy, too.

1.      Reach your target audience

Your social media marketing plan will only produce the intended impact your clinic hopes for when the right people notice it. But while connecting with clients who fall into your target audience may seem relatively straightforward, ho­w do you put this tactic into practice?

Once your business establishes its presence on social media sites, remember to engage with your followers or subscribers. A simple suggestion for followers to share their thoughts and opinions on your posts can help you connect with your intended audience successfully.

Go beyond your current followers and reach additional members of your target audience by using strategic hashtags and keywords that will boost your search engine rankings while also increasing your chance of getting noticed by your target audience.

Reach Your Audience with Social Media

2.      Increase brand recognition

How else do businesses use social media for marketing purposes? For many who turn to social media to market their company, the platforms serve as an excellent tool increasing brand awareness.

To spread the word about your clinic, potential clients need to know what your rehab center is all about. How do you accomplish this task, though, especially when social media features dozens of other businesses and health centers?

For many rehabilitation centers, establishing a strong presence online improves brand awareness substantially. As millions of people use social media platforms every day, it’s crucial for companies to become active on their target audience’s favorite social media networks.

Establish your rehabilitation center on social media by adding your company’s slogan or logo on your social media pages. This move helps viewers associate the content that you produce on social media with your clinic’s brand. Your logo can also serve as a trust signal to readers.

You can also build brand recognition for your rehab center by uploading professional photos from your facility. For example, you may share images of your outdoor facilities, rooms, and more to provide potential clients with valuable information and answers.


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3.      Optimize social media marketing costs

How much does your clinic intend to spend on its social media marketing campaign?

Whether your answer ranges in the hundreds of dollars or surpasses $10,000, you’ll be happy to know that social media can help you achieve your marketing goals and earn an impressive return on investment (ROI).

How do businesses use social media to accomplish their marketing and budgeting goals?

A go-to method is by hiring a team of social media specialists that offer social media marketing and advertising services within your budget. They provide their expertise, a strategy, and day-to-day management, which can save your center a tremendous amount of time.

Once your social media marketing agency builds the groundwork for your social media marketing campaign, optimizing your marketing costs happens naturally. This optimization allows your business to do more with your budget, like by expanding your social media advertising campaign.

A common way for social media specialists to maximize your social media marketing budget is with strategic bid management. This proactive management of your ad spend lets your center make the most of your social media advertising budget.

4.      Share information with ease

Maybe your clinic recently underwent renovations and now offers upgraded facilities to clients. Or perhaps your facility received recognition for its top-tier services and dedicated staff members.

No matter what information you want to share with your clients, you can reach your intended audience fast with social media. You can even post a variety of content formats, from text to photo to video.

Quickly sharing vital information with current and prospective clients is simple for clinics with a social media marketing plan. Just create a post on your platform of choice and share it with subscribers or followers in a matter of seconds.

Use attention-grabbing keywords and appealing graphics to increase the chances that potential clients find and read your message. Make sure to share content that interests your followers too. While it’s nice to highlight your accomplishments, you want to offer value to readers.

5.      Quick communication whenever necessary

During a crisis, facilities in the medical industry — including hospitals and healthcare clinics — need to provide updates fast. While this may not be as crucial for a rehabilitation center, you may still find it necessary to share pertinent or unexpected news promptly.

At times, the daily operations of your clinic may experience interruptions.

Whether you have an electrical outage or the weather conditions make it difficult to reach your center, use social media to share vital updates. Not only does this keep your clients informed, but it also ensures easier communication — and fewer hours conducting phone calls.

Connecting Through Facebook

6.      Engage others with intriguing content

Social media sites like Facebook are great for medical awareness campaigns about rehabilitation-related services. From time to time, however, you may want to share other content that doesn’t directly relate to your facility too.

Fortunately, social media is the ideal place for sharing this kind of information.

While posting updates specifically related to your facility is useful for existing clients, sharing information that pertains to the general medical community can help you capture the attention of a broader audience.

Periodically post articles that offer value and attract social media users’ to your page.

Is there a new study that reveals a promising future for rehabilitation clients who undergo a specific treatment program? Did a recent study reveal new findings or treatment options for clients?

Use these questions as inspiration for finding and sharing useful content for followers.

7.      Promote discussion

What better way to show prospective clients that you care than by valuing their voice?

For leaders of rehabilitation clinics who turn to social media platforms to promote their facilities and services, giving people the option to discuss their experiences and thoughts with others on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram opens a pathway for trust.

When you remove the barriers that often seem present between clients and medical professionals, you’ll experience success in forming an authentic relationship with your prospective clients.

Fortunately, social media engages and shares information with others.

When you post articles or link to blogs on your website, ask others to leave a comment expressing their thoughts and opinions. This is a surefire way to not only increase engagement on your social media pages but to invite others to join in on the discussion too.

Start using social media for your rehab center

Every second that your clinic goes without a social media marketing plan, it misses out on the chance to help clients and their families. Don’t you want to market your business with the most success and help clients in need?

If so, then social media marketing is likely the right choice for you.

When done properly, social media campaigns can help your business meet and exceed its marketing goals. If you’re wondering how businesses use social media for marketing success, find out for yourself by connecting with our team of qualified marketing specialists at WebFX!