How to Get Reviews for Your Rehab Center

With technological advances on the Internet happening almost daily, information is easier to find than ever before.

Because information is so widely available, that means that users can find tons of information on your rehab center – just by doing a quick Google search. But this information might not always be positive.

To ensure that the information potential clients find online about your center is positive, it’s important to encourage satisfied clients to review your center.

On this page, we’ll talk about how you can get reviews for your rehab center.

Why are reviews important?

Surveys show that 90% of people read online reviews before visiting a business and 88% of people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations from friends or family.

The more reviews you have from past clients and their families, the higher your conversion rate will be. Getting good reviews can also help to improve your rehab center website’s organic ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing.

If these reviews are placed on reputable third-party sites and linked back to your rehab center website, they can be even more helpful. These “referrals” are sending positive signals to Google about your website, telling Google that you are a good business.

Future clients are more likely to click on your website if it is higher up on the page, even if they have not seen your reviews just yet.

Reviews can also help you improve client experience for the future. Reviews that aren’t so great can let you know what to change for next time and great reviews help you to do more of what people love.

Not to mention, a negative review is a great opportunity to interact with your clients and show future clients that you care by responding positively and respectively.

When client and family member’s reviews mention certain employees, it gives you the opportunity to recognize that employee for a job well done, which is sure to raise motivation and company morale. Positivity is important in any workplace, but even more so in rehab centers where you want clients to feel like their best selves again.


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How do I get reviews?

Now that you know why reviews are important, you probably want to know how to get more for your rehab center.

1. Ask for them

First and foremost, ask for reviews! The most important and reputable reviews come from those who have experienced your rehab center first hand—your clients and their loved ones.

To do so, hand out satisfaction surveys at the end of a client’s journey through your rehabilitation center. Prompt review requests are the most successful—comment card reviews requested at the time of care are 80-90% more likely to be completed.

Express how grateful you would be for their honest feedback and that you are always looking for ways to make client experience even better. Be sure to give them the opportunity to respond anonymously, as that could be the difference between a “yes” and a “no.”

You could even ask enthusiastic clients for a video interview that you can then place on your website.  Actually hearing a success story directly from a former client could be just what a potential client needs to make this important decision.

2. Third-party review sites

Reviews on third party sites, such as Google and Bright Local, or more specifically or, are also great options.

After someone stays in your rehab center, you are sure to have contact information, such as emails. Use this opportunity to email links asking clients to review you on a specific site. When using email, make it as easy as possible for the clients and their families to review your rehab center.

For instance, do not send them an invitation to review you on Google unless they have a Gmail account.

3. Surveys

Clients may be more likely to answer surveys merely because they are simpler. Use contact information gathered from your client’s time at your center to email or mail them and their close relatives a survey. Surveys are usually 3-5 questions with an option to rate on a scale of 1-10 or from 1-5 stars. Sometimes when clients see an empty text box, it can become overwhelming and they may forego the review altogether. Be sure that the questions you ask are simple, but still clearly convey their thoughts about the experience they received at your center.

4. Say Thank You

Be sure to always thank every reviewer. Make it a habit to send a thank you email or message of at least one or two personal sentences that speaks to what they wrote. Showing that you care about the client or their loved ones, even after they have graduated from your rehab center, makes it more likely that they will refer your center to people with similar needs. Word of mouth can be extremely beneficial and can mean just as much as an online review.

How do I make sure people see my reviews?

Reviews should be easily found and seen by potential clients and their loved ones in order to be fully beneficial. As mentioned before, your website is a great place to put reviews. With client permission, use reviews from comment cards, phone calls, and emails and place them on your website.

Both positive and negative reviews can help your rehab center, because then prospective clients know that you are not simply throwing out the bad ones. With a combination of both good and bad, the client knows these are real, honest reviews.

That being said, however, do not let the negative reviews overwhelm the positive, as this could be detrimental.  When you get a negative review, you should respond politely and respectively to show potential clients that you care about the opinions of clients in your care.

As mentioned earlier, third-party sites are great places for your reviews to be displayed. Be sure to have pages on important and relevant sites, especially ones local to your rehab center so that clients can write reviews for you.

Having reviews on third-party sites also allow you to utilize them within the Google AdWords Review Extension. Using this extension not only makes your reviews more visible, but also helps you to improve your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign, as well. Review extensions have been known to boost click through rate by up to 10%.

While positive reviews are awesome, what is even more important is the reviewer. A client or client’s loved one who is willing to spend time reviewing you is very valuable.

Ready to see for yourself?

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