How to Market an Event

Does your business have a large event coming up? Are you wondering how to get the word out? Whether it’s a conference, product launch or any other type of event the following strategies will help spread the word about your upcoming event.

Planning an event requires a lot of time. You want to ensure that after all of your hard work, people know about your event and will want to attend. With a proper event marketing strategy, you can help facilitate the success of your event.

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Event marketing requires a detailed plan for getting the word out and attracting attendees. Before you begin to market your event, you should consider what strategies you want to use to build awareness for your event. The following strategies are possible ways that you can market your event to help improve awareness and attendance.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing activities like direct mail, print, broadcast, radio, TV and press releases can all help you advertise your event. Some traditional marketing activities cost more and may not allow you to target your desired audience as easily as other strategies.

Of the mentioned activities, direct mail is a great way to get news about your event out to your target market. Using direct mail is a highly targeted form of advertising that allows marketers to individualize the message at a lower cost.

Social Media

Users on social media have continued to grow over the past ten years. In 2017, 81% of the U.S. population had a social media profile. By using social media, you have the potential to spread the word to a large portion of the country. You can use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

On social media, you can post information about your event. You can give sneak peaks about what will happen at the event or highlight keynote speakers. Also, you can hold contests and giveaways. You can encourage followers to share information about your upcoming event for a chance to win free swag or tickets to the event.

Many social media platforms allow you to advertise on them. Through these advertisements, you can use forms of rich media like images and videos to promote your event. By targeting demographics, interests and behaviors on social media, you can help ensure your target audience sees advertisements for your event.


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Industry Influencers

If your business falls into a specific industry, you can look for influencers in your industry to promote your event. Influencers refer to individuals that have a lot of followers on social media platforms or blogs. Followers look up to influencers and respect and trust their opinions. Because there is strong trust between an influencer and followers, using them to market your event will encourage more people to attend.

If you find an influencer in your industry, inviting them to your event and having them post about your upcoming event on their blog will help you create buzz for your event. Influencers can share information about the event on social media and their blogs. Even after the event, they can blog about their experience which will help gain interest for future events you may have. Depending on the agreement you make with an influencer, you may also be able to promote the influencers attendance on your marketing materials.


Blogs are an ideal avenue for posting content about your event. Each piece of content you write can appear in the search engines and drive more people to your website. You can optimize your content to include keywords for a greater chance to rank higher for relevant keywords. Also, blog content is very easy to share across your various social media platforms.

Blog posts can include featured speakers at your event, the event schedule and how to sign up. In addition, you can post about past events to increase the excitement about your upcoming event.

After your event is over, post event highlights and photos on your blog. This way, if you plan to have an event in the future, your blog readers have been exposed to information about your events and can see how successful your past events were.

Email Marketing

If you have an email list already compiled, sending an email about your event is an inexpensive strategy to use. Your email can highlight the event schedule and provide a link to register and get tickets to the event easily.

Email marketing

Make sure your subject line is engaging and will encourage individuals to click. Send your emails during the evening or the weekend to help improve your chances of users opening your emails. You can plan to send several emails leading up to your event. For some of the first emails, encourage people to act by having a discount for registering early.

Paid Search Advertising

With paid advertising you are charged any time a user clicks on your ad. Using Google AdWords or Bing Ads, you can bid on keywords that relate to your industry or event. You can create a dedicated landing page on your website that includes the most important information about your event and an easy way for users to register.

Paid advertisements give you the flexibility to target different demographics, locations, behaviors and interests. With specific targeting, you can spend advertising money on the users who will be most interested in your event without wasting money on users who are not likely to attend.

Remarketing is a form a paid advertising where you are advertising to users that have already visited your website. When a user visits your website, a cookie gets placed in their browser. These cookies will track users and when they visit a website with available ad space, one of your ads will display. Users who have been to your website in the past are more likely to be interested in your upcoming event, which is why remarketing is an ideal option for marketing your events.

Knowing where to start to advertise your next event can be difficult. With the flexibility to use one or multiple strategies, you can build a plan that fits your budget to market your event. Start creating a detailed strategy to build awareness and market your next event successfully.

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