Is Your Rehab Center’s SEO Outdated?

SEO has helped thousands of website owners boost their rankings and bring in more visitors. But some site owners may notice that, over time, those keywords and optimization strategies that got them the top spot a few years ago don’t even get them into the top ten today.

Does this mean SEO is no longer effective?

No – it just means a particular SEO strategy has become outdated.

Like other marketing strategies, SEO can be a hard-hitting long-term strategy, but the specifics of the campaign must change to reflect developments in the industry, client needs, and how search engines crawl sites. If your SEO strategy isn’t working anymore, it may be time to update it.

Keep reading to find out how to tell if your SEO strategy is out of date and what you can do to refresh it.

What Are the Signs of Outdated SEO for Rehab Centers?

The marketing landscape changes rapidly over time. It can be easy to miss the signs of an SEO strategy going from new and fresh to antiquated and ineffective. Your site might be suffering from an outdated SEO strategy if it has one or more:

  • Broad keywords — A one- or two-word phrase worked fine a few years ago, when not many site owners were actively trying to rank in search engines. Back then, your site could generate ample traffic on searches for “rehab centers” or “drug and alcohol rehab.” Today, almost every business uses SEO to attract clients, meaning that your time is better spend on more specific long-tail keywords.
  • Short or irrelevant content — People searching for rehab centers have a lot of questions, and they’re going to look for sites that provide the answers. If your site doesn’t have relevant content, you’re not only losing valuable leads — your site is losing its high rankings in search engines.
  • Unoptimized elements — Every part of the page counts. Old-school SEO focused mainly on the text on the page, but now, search engines take image alt tags, headers, URL structure, and many other factors into account. If your site doesn’t optimize these elements, your rankings will fall.


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How Can Rehab Centers Revamp Their SEO?

Online marketing changes over time, and SEO for rehab centers is no exception. If you want your site to stand out and be seen by prospective clients, you need to bring your SEO strategy up to date.

Start by optimizing long-tail keywords. What are people looking for when they come to your site? What phrases are they using to refine their search results? Answer these questions, and you’ll find a way to reach a more engaged audience and rank higher in or relevant searches.

Next, optimize non-text elements. There are only so many times you can add the same words and phrases to blogs and page copy. On the other hand, headers, page titles, URLs and photo descriptions provide ample opportunity to increase the relevance of each page on your site while still maintaining page quality.

Finally, add more content to your site. If you don’t have a blog, start one as soon as possible. This will add more pages to your site and keep content fresh. Also, make sure that the content you create is in-depth enough to address your topics fully.

Generally, pages with upwards of a few thousand words perform much better than those with only a few hundred in search engines. So instead of creating many short pages on hyper-specific topics, create longer, more in-depth pages that fully address a topic.

Online marketing evolves at a fast pace, and SEO is no exception. Keeping up with the latest developments requires you to keep one eye on the trends and the other on your own website. The tips listed above will help you get your SEO strategy up to date.

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