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High Quality Content Creation for Rehab Centers

Content is at the core of Internet marketing, but it’s often hard to brainstorm content ideas that actually add value to your website.

At WebFX, we have years of experience marketing within the rehab center industry. This article is a list of potential content ideas for rehab centers looking to beef up their online presence and attract more leads!

Start blogging

A blog is the cornerstone of most content marketing efforts. It’s an entire section of your website devoted to rolling out content on a continuous basis, after all.

However, blogging within the rehab center industry can be difficult. Addiction treatment is a serious topic that affects many people on a profound level. You can’t just blog about anything, and you don’t want any of your posts to come across as flippant, insensitive, or expressly commercial in nature.

So, what should you and your rehab center blog about? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Industry news – The rehab industry may not change very often, but you should definitely blog about it when changes happen. This could be anything from a shift in rehab care best practices, to announcements about new treatment drugs, to case studies on addiction or rehabilitation.
  • “A day in the life” – Many people hear “rehab,” but don’t actually know what going to a rehab center for treatment entails. Give them a look behind the curtain!
  • Center-specific information – Highlight what your rehab center does differently (and better) than the rest.

You don’t need to blog relentlessly, but make sure you’re adding at least a post every few weeks or so for best results.

Get personal

People love putting a face to an institution. Set up a “staff” section on your website, and give each doctor, nurse, caregiver, administrator, etc. their own page. Include pictures, quotes, interviews, videos…whatever demonstrates that your rehab center is run by normal people for normal people.

There is definitely a stigma associated with “rehab” for some people, and simply being personal and open online does much to mitigate it.

Publish free guides

Hosting free resources is a great way of providing value and showing that you truly care about the well-being of your patients.

These can be anything rehab-related, like “Recognizing addiction in your loved ones,” “Broaching rehab with your loved ones,” and so on.

Anticipate questions

Putting together a knowledge base or FAQ section on your website is perfect for the rehab industry. The idea of rehab has always been clouded by a certain mystique, and many potential patients (or their loved ones) might be considering rehab but are unsure of exactly how the process unfolds.

This type of content is fantastic for SEO, because many of these questions are the same search queries that potential patients will use.

This content is also easy to source – just keep track of common questions asked by incoming patients, by the family of incoming patients, and so on.


Testimonials can be truly powerful within the rehab space. Potential patients may be skeptical of information coming from a doctor or administrator, but will likely trust recommendations from ex-addicts who can truly empathize.

These, again, should be implemented tastefully, and focus on what past patients felt they got out of the rehab process.

Ready to start making content?

Many of these content creation ideas are fairly low-cost and don’t require much time to set up and maintain.

However, if you want the touch of a professional, or simply don’t have enough time in your day to learn and execute proper content creation, we’d love to help.

Our expert team of in-house content creation specialists (writers, designers, and everything in between) has crafted custom content strategies for rehab centers across the nation. We’d love partner with you as well!

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