Power of Display Advertising for Your Rehab Center

Display advertising allows you to use banner ads and rich media to capture the internet user’s attention. Having display advertising creates additional opportunities to put your rehab center in front of potential clients’ eyes.

What is display advertising and why is it important for rehab centers?

Display Advertising is a type of paid advertising that appears on websites. These ads portray the advertising message visually with text, logos, videos, pictures, and other graphics.

They work in a similar manner to paid search ads — however, they appear on websites listed on the results page as opposed to on the results page directly.

Google and Bing partner with websites where your display advertisements can appear. Within Google’s Display network there are various places for your ad to appear such as news sites, blogs, YouTube, and Gmail. Display advertising allows you to target your ads on websites that fit the niche of your product or service.

Using display advertisements for your rehab center will allow you to better target individuals on relevant websites. You will be able to use images that capture the brand identity of your rehab center and appeal to the user’s emotions.

How to make an effective display ad for your rehab center

Now that you know what a display ad is, you need to know some of the best practices when creating an ad. As you create and manage display ads make sure to remember the following principles:

1. Have a quality landing page

The first important part of choosing or developing a display ad is to ensure that your landing page matches its style and design. When a user clicks on your display ad, you want them to be directed to a page that they were expecting to see.

The offer that was on the advertisement should be apparent on the landing page. The landing page should have any information that the viewer would need to take the desired action encouraged by your display ad.

For example, a display ad could focus on treatment for alcohol dependency and include a photo related to the topic. When the user clicks on the ad, they should be directed to a landing page that addresses how to treat alcohol dependency.

2. Make information clear

As you write the content for your advertisement, make sure your message is clear. When an individual sees your ad, they should easily recognize your brand and what you are offering. Using your logo and effective images will allow you to build brand awareness.

3. Analyze your bids

Since display advertisements are a type of pay-per-click advertising, you will want to review your budget on a regular basis. By adjusting your bids, you will be able to get the most value from your campaigns.

Bids can be adjusted at the campaign level and the ad group level on the display network. The types of bid adjustments you can make at the campaign level include adjustments for:

  • Mobile devices
  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Location

Bid adjustments for your ad groups include adjusting your specific targeting methods like placements, topics, and top content. The ability to easily adjust your bids as often as you need will help you optimize your display advertising campaign.


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Benefits of display advertising for rehab centers

Display advertising is a unique way to advertise to individuals on various websites. Display ads provide benefits that other forms of advertising do not have.

1. Visually engaging

Display advertisements are visually appealing because they are designed using graphics.

With search ads, users need to read the text and then click to enter the landing page on your website. With a display advertisement, you have the chance to create an ad that has a similar style and appearance to the layout of your website. Display ads give users a better idea of what your rehab center is offering simply by looking at the ad.

2. Ability to target individuals

Within the display network, you can determine the types of websites you would like your ad to appear on by setting certain parameters.

Some of the different parameters include demographics, geography, and niche. Knowing where your customers live, what they enjoy and where they are spending their time online, will help you establish parameters for your display ads.

3. Increase qualified traffic

Display ads allow you to place your rehab center in front of specific audiences. You can show your ads on websites where the product or service you are offering relates to that website, for example.

This helps ensure that the content you are showing relates with your qualified audience on that website. The ability to target increases the qualified traffic seeing your ads.

4. Lower marketing costs

Other types of visual media advertisements like magazine, television, and billboard advertisements are costly. Advertising your rehab center online using the display network is a cost-saving alternative that allows you to reach millions of internet users in a visually-appealing manner.

Do you use display advertising for your rehab center?

Are you using display advertising to market your rehab center? What success have you experienced using this type of advertising? Feel free to chat with us in the comments!