Send Your Rehab Center to the First Page of Search Results

One of the best things you can do for your rehab center is to rank on the first page of Google results. By doing so, you allow more traffic to have the option of clicking on your website which can result in more visitors!

Though the concept is simple, the action is a little more complicated. There are several steps involved in getting your rehab center’s website to rank on the first page of results for any keyword.

So how do I do it?

There are a few tactics to get your rehab center to rank on page one of search results. They are all fairly simple, but require your time and dedication to really work.

Target appropriate keywords

If you want to get first page results for your rehab center, it is crucial that you target the appropriate keywords for your audience.

For example, if you don’t offer acupuncture at your rehab center, it wouldn’t be smart to target that as one of your keywords even though some rehab centers might take that approach. Keywords should be specific to your rehab center to attract qualified visitors who can become — or encourage their loved ones to become — new clients. A good example would be a keyword like “alcohol rehab specialists,” if that’s what your center is geared toward.

Give your clients quality content

One of the most important parts of your website is quality content. However, to be considered quality content, your rehab center’s website text has to be accurate, informative, and helpful.

For example, you may write a blog post on the number of individuals that pass through a rehab center some time in their life. You may provide all the correct statistics and have interesting information, but is this blog different than other blogs that cover the same topic?

You won’t sail to the top of search results by writing the same article that one of your competitors has written. Your content needs to be unique to your business so it has the personality of your rehab center. That way, when visitors read it, they will be able to get an idea of what your center is like.

Another important idea is targeting the right audience. This may sound obvious, but it’s easy to get off track with a tangent in an article and write for a target audience that isn’t for your website.

In order to make sure that you’re writing specifically for your target audience, only target one keyword with each piece of content you create. This could be specific services you offer, treatments you use, your variation of a step program, and more.

Understand the importance of multimedia

Text goes a long way on your rehab center’s website, especially quality content. However, it’s not enough on its own to rank #1 in search results.

Implementing different kinds of multimedia for your rehab center’s website offers visitors a visual look into what your text already provides. This is especially effective because 65 percent of the population is visual learners.

Multimedia includes images, videos, interactives, and other non-text elements on your site.

Images work well to show the doctors and staff you have at your rehab center so that clients and their families can feel comfortable with you before they even arrive. You can also show your facilities, logos, floor plans, schedules, recreational activities, and more.

Videos are great to show your website audience what your location looks like. You can give a virtual tour of your rehab center, interviews with your staff, expert explanations of different parts of your facility, and more. You can also use images to supplement or highlight your videos.


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Use social media

Social media lets you connect with your potential clients and their loved ones on a personal level. It doesn’t directly impact your website’s ability to rank for certain keywords, but your social profiles will let you dominate branded mentions of your rehab center with your profiles. That pushes other sources out of search results so that your competitors can’t rank for writing about you and steal your traffic.

In addition, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all great for marketing your rehab center in general. Social profiles are great for search saturation and reputation management which are both important to your rehab center.

Search saturation refers to the amount of space that results take up when you search any given item in a search engine. Social media can show up in the results next to the content that has been shared by you or someone else. That means that through social media, you can drive traffic to a specific page on your site.

Reputation management is the ability to have a hand in your reputation via social media. For example, if you get a bad review, with a totally off-the-wall explanation that bashes your rehab center, you are able to delete the comment if you feel that it hurts the reputation of your rehab center.

Another route would be to reply to the comment so that other clients can see the way you handle issues. Either way, social media allows you to manage your reputation to some extent if you just take the time to groom each account.

Even though social media won’t directly help you jump in search results, it will keep your competition from trash talking your rehab center and also drive some traffic to your website!

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