The 9 Best Practices for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Is your rehab center interested in using emailing marketing to connect with current and potential clients, as well as their families? If so, it’s essential to follow email marketing best practices. When you do, your center and staff can reach and help more clients.

Learn about the nine best practices for a successful email marketing campaign now!newsletter on tablet

1.      Add a touch of personalization

If you send messages that are impersonal and detached, you can’t expect subscribers to want to explore your services. The emails don’t feel personal — or tailored to their questions or needs — which can make readers feel like they don’t matter to your center or staff.

Emails, however, are a perfect way to get personal with your audience. With a personalized email marketing campaign, you can form a connection with readers that helps them build interest and trust in your brand.

For example, you can organize or segment audiences by interest, location, service, and more. A rehab center with several locations, for example, may create an audience segment for subscribers that looked, visited, or attended location A versus location B.

When you work at a facility that provides health care services, it’s even more critical to humanize your business. Take a conversational, versus a clinical approach to create an aura of warmth and reliability in your messages.

You can also humanize and build the character of your center by sharing testimonials and stories from past clients and their families. While you can highlight these stories via text, you can also create a video.

2.      Check your grammar and punctuation

Nothing turns off readers faster than an email message filled with grammatical errors or forgotten punctuation. An email full of spelling errors or confusing statements portrays a negative image of your brand in an instant.

That’s why proofreading is one of the most notable best practices of email marketing.

When your emails are free of errors, plus thoughtful, they reflect your center’s high standards, quality service, and values. Many companies rush to send email messages, however, which can result in obvious grammatical and spelling errors.

Take a proactive approach and prevent this misstep by planning ahead and proofreading your emails. You, as well as another staff member, should read every email to catch and fix errors before they reach readers.

3.      Keep messages to-the-point

If you send out an entire storybook to your subscribers that details your center’s history, values, and services, plus the reason for your email, you can expect your email to go unread or outright ignored by subscribers.

Prevent this scenario by providing readers with the right amount of information, without going overboard. Keep to the point in what it is you want to say or share with your audience. If you take too long, it’ll cause readers to lose interest.

When you create a concise, yet personal message, you can improve your click-through rate.


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4.      Send emails on a routine basis

While you should value quality over quantity when it comes to your email marketing campaign, it’s crucial to remain top-of-mind for your current and prospective clients. That’s why your center should send out regular emails.

For businesses in the healthcare industry, it’s even more critical to share frequent emails.

These emails can touch on the latest medical news or services, share the newest accomplishments of your team or past clients, and highlight helpful content readers can find on your blog.

When you a hire a marketing team to work alongside your business throughout your email marketing strategy, it’s easier to maintain and manage the emails that you send to your subscribers.

There is always new information to share with your audience — so be sure to keep your clients and their families up-to-date with regular emails that share helpful and timely information with them.

5.      Thank your clients

Nothing feels better than opening an email with a thank you inside. Whether you’ve recently reached a new milestone at your rehab clinic or want to show gratitude towards your clients, it’s crucial to demonstrate that you value your readers.

Sometimes, you don’t even need an occasion to show your appreciation.

Send a thank you email to subscribers when they first join your newsletter to welcome them, for example. Or, thank readers at the beginning or end of each year for their continued interest and support of your center’s work.

When you show how much you value your clients, it gives a positive boost to your brand.

6.      Talk about what matters to readers

People expect to receive emails about a company’s services and products.

When their inbox gets sent too many of these messages, however, subscribers usually decide to stop opening and start ignoring these emails. That’s why your team needs to balance self-promotional content with reader-focused content.

For example, subscribers may have the following questions about rehab facilities:

  • What can you expect while at a rehab center?
  • What kind of treatments and physicians do rehab centers offer?
  • What happens treatment-wise after leaving a rehab center?

Focus on what your readers want to know, and it can naturally lead-in to discussions about your center and services, as well as how your team helps clients. This discussion can then result in interest from readers, like by visiting your facility and becoming a client.

7.      Lead with your most important message

When are you most likely to skim through your emails?

If you’re like most people, you probably browse through your email whenever you have a bit of spare time, like while waiting in line for coffee, getting ready for bed, or riding public transportation on your way to work.

This typical human behavior means that many email subscribers only dedicate a small fraction of their day to checking their email. For your center, that makes creating a hierarchy of information even more critical.

Start your emails with the most valuable information first.

For subscribers who only have a limited amount of time to read through their messages, it’s vital to ensure that they understand the point of your email when they first open their inbox and see your email’s subject line.

8.      Share helpful resources

You know that keeping your messages short and simple is essential, but maybe you have some additional information you would like to share with readers too. That’s why many businesses include hyperlinks or links to their website, blog posts, and more.

Whenever you want to share information about an upcoming event, recent medical findings, or services available at your facility, include links to your website. When a reader clicks on the link, they get redirected to a page that provides them with more information.

Not only does this email marketing best practice help your emails stay a reasonable length, but it also conveys your information effectively. Plus it offers valuable resources to your subscribers, which builds the value of your emails.

9.      Show subscribers you value their opinion

People love to express and share their opinion, especially when others ask for it.

Make feedback from your readers, as well as clients, a priority for your rehab center. Asking for feedback shows subscribers that you care what they think. Plus, this feedback helps your company improve its services, email marketing strategy, and more.

Ask readers to share their opinion by occasionally featuring survey links in your emails. For the best results, keep your surveys short and to-the-point. If you overwhelm readers with questions, it can deter them from completing your survey.

With this approach, you provide subscribers the opportunity to share their thoughts. You also help your clinic continuously work towards improvement, which can result in additional clients for your center.

Reach more clients with a stronger email marketing campaign

Every day, millions of people scattered through the nation — and the globe — turn to their inbox to read and send messages to friends, family, colleagues, and businesses like yours. That’s why your medical center needs to optimize your email marketing campaign.

With the best practices for email marketing, you can grow and improve your center, allowing your team to help more clients. Start your email marketing campaign today by contacting us online to learn more about our email marketing services.

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