The Definition (and Value) of Personalization Marketing

You open your email to see the same old messages full of useless spam and tireless attempts by a brand to convert you into a customer. The messages are crafted with detached language that makes it easy for you to drag these emails into your junk mail folder.

What if these messages were personal and appeared to be written just for you, though?

Imagine if all the marketing efforts you encountered seemed to speak to you directly and not a mass market. Fortunately, there is a marketing tactic that can turn a customer’s encounters with your brand into a personal experience. It’s called personalization marketing.

Personalized marketing is becoming one of the most effective digital marketing strategies available to businesses. For companies that work in the healthcare industry — such as rehabilitation clinics — personalization is essential.

What exactly is the definition of personalization marketing, though, and what value will this strategy bring to your marketing plan? Below, learn why personalization marketing is the right choice for your clinic.

What is personalized marketing?

It’s easy for prospective clients to overlook your ads, emails, and requests — especially given the fact that people live in a world where they’re bombarded by non-stop marketing in every aspect of their lives.

While traditional marketing methods may leave your audience feeling disconnected or detached from your brand, personalized marketing provides a different approach that breaks down the barriers present between marketers and consumers.

When developing your marketing plan, your marketing team will collect information about your audience through careful analysis and data collection. Prospective clients are likely to fill out forms on your website, like a contact form, with their information too.

You must protect the sensitive information offered by your clients, however, while also using this data to deliver a personalized experience to potential clients. This means starting emails with a person’s first name, providing service recommendations to consumers, and more.

By definition, personalization marketing aims to bring a personal approach to branding and advertising with the hopes that it will increase customer satisfaction and conversion rates for your center.

Why is personalization marketing valuable to rehab centers?

Maybe you’re still debating about personalization marketing and can’t quite understand the value of curating a personalized experience for your audience. There is tremendous value for using this marketing tactic, though.

The six most compelling reasons why personalization marketing matters include:

1.      Higher conversion rates

When you approach potential clients with a broad message that doesn’t contain any personalization, you’re not as likely to persuade these clients to choose your center. You want your words to resonate with your audience and to show them that they matter to your clinic.

Using a person’s name, customizing call-to-action text, and conducting follow-up emails are all personalization marketing approaches that increase your likelihood of improving your conversion rates.

By analyzing your clients’ behavior and investigating your in-house data, you’re more likely to create advertisements that will convince your audience that your clinic is the right choice for them.

Not only do you instill a greater sense of trust in your services, staff, and facility, but you also convince people that joining your clinic is the right decision.


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2.      A more targeted approach

When you advertise your rehab clinic, you always want to ensure you’re reaching the right audience. While some industries may provide broader services or products that appeal to most consumers, a rehabilitation center reaches a specific group.

To succeed, you need to craft advertisements that resonate with your intended audience.

With personalization marketing tactics, you’re in a better position to speak directly to people interested in the services offered by your company. Plus, marketing with a personalized focus will help you drive leads more successfully.

You’ll create a strong connection with people who previously expressed an interest in your clinic but who didn’t enroll. With personalization marketing, you can use your preexisting knowledge of this audience to convince them that taking action is the right decision — whether it means recommending your services to a loved one or seeking help for themselves.

3.      Keeps your messages friendly

You browse a company’s social media page and see only detached language and informative text scrawled across their page. As a prospective customer for this brand, you feel like your interests don’t match your expectations or desires and quickly exit off the page.

Now, imagine you go to the same social media profile and find yourself emerged in engaging text that seems to speak to you directly. If you’re a new client who is exploring a brand for the first time, personalization marketing makes you feel welcomed.

For your clinic, this marketing tactic will help you more successfully engage with potential clients by nurturing a positive and welcoming space on your page.

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4.      Greater feedback

By definition, personalization marketing is all about customer engagement and placing a higher value on your clients through the ads and content that you create.

But what happens when you create a presence on digital platforms that generates discussion and client engagement? It helps you to discover areas of improvement in your digital marketing efforts by evaluating the feedback and response that you receive from people.

Personalized content is different from traditional marketing because you design it for a specific audience. This challenges the idea that advertising is a one-way avenue and shows clients that their voice is valuable too.

You’ll be much more likely to receive feedback from your clients. You’ll find it easier to analyze your customers’ purchasing behaviors, too.

The information provided by personalization marketing will make it easier for you to see what works for your clients, giving you the tools required to make the necessary changes in your marketing efforts to improve your conversions.

5.      Fewer broad advertising campaigns

You could create a marketing campaign that targets a broad audience. But not every individual is actively seeking out rehab services, whether for themselves or a loved one. When you invest your marketing dollars into campaigns that don’t reach the right people, you waste valuable dollars that could have been spent targeting the right consumers instead.

Sometimes, less is more.

While you may think that more marketing campaigns will help you achieve your conversion rates, it’s better to curate personalized ads instead. You may send out less frequent emails or create fewer posts, but these quality pieces of text can successfully influence and reach your clients.

You’d be surprised what personalization can do for your branding campaign.

6.      Higher ROI

Whether you operate a small-scale clinic or a larger rehabilitation center, generating a significant return on investment (ROI) is crucial. Whether you invest $1,000 or $10,000 in your marketing campaign, your ultimate goal is to create a higher return on your initial investment.

Fortunately, personalization marketing helps you deliver real results from your advertising efforts. Because this strategy often uses call-to-action text and invites buyers to sign up for services or visit another vital page on a clinic’s website, the value of this service is tremendous.

Your customer interest rate will be higher, which helps your business experience a higher ROI.

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Are you ready to increase your conversation rates, develop a stronger relationship with your clients, and make the most of your overall marketing campaign?

If so, now is the time to help grow your clinic by using personalization marketing techniques. Use our online resources crafted specifically for rehab center directors and leaders to get started today!

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