Web Design Practices for Rehab Centers

People turn to rehab centers when they’re in need. Your website should be inviting and pleasing to the eye, and it should also evoke feelings of trust and compassion. The layout, typography, color scheme, and overall design of your website can help accomplish this, as well as entice people to contact you. However, if those elements are not done correctly, you could be sending people right on over to your competition.

Some web design trends arrive with a bang and quickly fizzle out, while others stick around for longer than a decade. This makes it difficult to determine which design practices are best.

Here are a few tips for a well-designed rehab center website, so you can build trust with the people who need your services.

Design for conversions

Above all else, your website must meet the needs of the people who visit it. People who land on your website want to learn more about your rehab center.

Keep that in mind when designing your website and remember the actionable goals you want to accomplish. Make it easy to sign up for your newsletter, contact you for more information about your rehab facility, locate information about addiction and recovery, and learn more about the admissions process.

Here are just a few factors that can affect conversions:

  • Color scheme. Rehab facilities should evoke feelings of empathy, trust, and compassion. Opt for a warm or clean color scheme and stay away from anything bold or alarming.
  • Images. Using high-quality images will highlight your professionalism and expertise. Use original images of your facility and staff, so people visiting your website will be able to get a sense of what being at your center is really like.
  • Navigation. Clear navigation will allow visitors to click through your website and find what they need in a matter of seconds. If they click on a page for more information about a topic, they should be able to easily find their way back to your homepage, contact you for more information, or take the next step in contacting your center.

If you want to test how effective your site is at generating conversions, A/B testing allows you to take two different designs and see which one best converts. Perhaps changing the wording of a call to action produces better results, or maybe one color converts better than another.

With A/B testing, you can try different approaches and tweak your design according to what works best.


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Remember that less is often more

Avoid clutter on your website. Instead, embrace white space and simple designs — they’re aesthetically pleasing and help to show your professionalism. A messy, disorganized design appears unprofessional, and it will deter visitors from your facility. It will also take attention away from your message.

Avoid the temptation to keep adding elements to your website. Ask yourself the following questions when deciding whether to put something extra on your website:

  • Is it necessary to the success of my website? If not, consider leaving it out.
  • Does it have a clear purpose? If it could potentially confuse readers, leave it out.
  • Can it replace something else on the website? If so, remove something to add the new element.

Choose a readable font

Remember that web content is predominately text-based, so choosing the right fonts and colors is essential. Above all else, the text on your site should be simple and easy to read.

A simple font will allow readers to quickly find and read the information they need, while a fancy or complex font will make it a more difficult process — and maybe even deter readers from your website.

Use size 14 or 16 font for best results. While size 12 used to be the standard, larger sizes offer a better user experience. If people have to zoom the screen or strain their eyes, they might leave your website without taking action.

Keep the user in mind

Your rehab facility offers a valuable service. Any decision you make regarding your website should consider the user’s experience and your goals for your website. You want the readers to take some kind of action after landing on your website — make it easy for them, and you’ll be rewarded.

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