What Is Automated Marketing? (And How Your Center Can Use It)

Your marketing serves as a critical part of your center’s success. Keeping track of your strategies isn’t easy, though, which is why more businesses are investing in automated marketing. What is automated marketing, though?

Keep reading to learn about automated marketing, plus how your rehabilitation center can use automated marketing to save time, increase revenue, and attract clients that meet your ideal audience persona.

What is automated marketing?

Automated marketing is all about saving your business time and money.

When you use marketing, you have many different bases to cover. Your responsibilities start to pile up, and it can feel overwhelming to keep track of all your different marketing tactics and campaigns.

Fortunately, automated marketing removes some of the stress from this process. It completes some of the crucial aspects of your digital marketing, like scoring leads, segmenting your target market, and more.

With automated marketing, you leverage software to fulfill repetitive marketing tasks.

Why should a rehab center use automated marketing?

You may already invest in various digital marketing methods and tactics to achieve your goals for attracting new clients and growing your business. If you lead a rehabilitation center or clinic, automated marketing is a marketing tool you won’t want to miss.

Not convinced that automated marketing is the right choice for your rehab center?

Discover five reasons why automated marketing can help your business:

1.      Segment your audience

Rather than wasting your efforts on people uninterested in your services, you can focus your advertising and marketing efforts on people in your target market. You can even narrow your efforts even more by creating segments of your target audience.

If you think audience segmentation is difficult, think again. Automated marketing efforts can help you collect the data required to understand your current audience better and divide them into accurate and advanced targeting groups.

Perhaps you have specific information you want to send to viewers interested in a particular service. Or maybe, you’re interested in creating ads for those researching rehabilitation services for a loved one instead.

No matter the reason, automated marketing can help you segment your audience fast. For example, you can create audience segments based on demographic information, as well as viewing information on your website.

For example, you may have an audience segment for people that visit Service Page A. This segment allows you to create a targeted ad campaign, for instance, to reach this set of potential clients.

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2.      Score your leads

How likely is your clinic to convert website visitors into clients? If your business isn’t experiencing the lead generation numbers and conversion rates it wants to achieve, then it may be time to consider automated marketing techniques.

When you use automated marketing for lead scoring, it collects data and information that measures the worth and value of your leads. With automated lead scoring, you’ll have an easier time assessing the viability and interest of a lead in your business and services.

Use automated marketing to analyze behavior patterns and trends in your conversion rates, sales, and other areas of interest. Apply the information you collect to make changes to your marketing campaign.

This automated marketing application helps you maximize your team’s time and sales efforts.

3.      Enhance your efficiency

High productivity levels are crucial to a company’s success. When you create a marketing campaign, you want to ensure that every element gets the attention it needs to maximize the performance of your campaign.

While this may seem like a hefty task, automated marketing can take care of it.

One of the most significant benefits of automated marketing comes from its ability to prevent mistakes.

You may forget to send a weekly email or grade a new lead, for example. Fortunately, automated marketing can take care of these tasks. When automated marketing manages these tasks, it improves the efficiency of your campaign and the productivity of your team.

4.      Improve your profitability

When you invest in additional marketing services or software, you’re likely to have some reservations. What is the return-on-investment (ROI) of automated marketing, for example? Is this software a worthwhile investment? How much training does it require?

These are one of many questions you’re likely to ask yourself before investing in marketing automation — and it makes sense to ask. While you may be reluctant to invest in another marketing resource, it’s justifiable when you examine the widespread benefits of this tool.

With automated marketing, your team saves valuable time, which allows your staff to focus on tasks that require their expertise and unique skillset. Plus, you can get marketing campaigns ready faster, which can help your center see results sooner.

In most cases, it’s also hassle-free for your team to measure the ROI of automated marketing.

5.      Increase your customer retention rates

Acquiring new clients is the first step in building your rehab center as a successful business. The second — and perhaps most essential — step is making sure that these customers remain committed and satisfied with your center.

For example, your center may offer inpatient and outpatient services to provide continuous support to your clients. You may even host seminars and events that current and past clients can attend to learn about different treatments and medical advancements.

Paying attention to customer retention rates is crucial because keeping current and past clients involved in your clinic, whether by taking advantage of outpatient services, recommending your center to a friend, or attending a wellness event, impacts your long-term success.

Automated marketing can use select client information to send personalized messages and form custom campaigns. The software program takes care of the data analysis so that you don’t and helps maintain your relationships with your clients too.

It’s essential only to use client information permitted for marketing use.

How to use automated marketing as a rehab center

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of automated marketing, are you ready to use it?

Fortunately, getting an automated marketing plan started is simple. Not sure how to start an automated marketing plan at your rehab center? Just follow these quick steps to develop an efficient, smart, and stress-free plan:

1.      Divide your audience

Who do you intend on targeting in your marketing and advertising campaigns? Which audience members would get the most value from an upcoming email or blog on a specific topic? What separates members of your audience from one another?

Segment your audience to have a better understanding of your target market. Your automated marketing software can then build on these initial audience segments. You can also segment your audience and compare your groups with your automated marketing software’s findings.

a man and woman staring at a laptop screen.

2.      Collect your data

It’s helpful to understand your target audience, which is why data is immense. Depending on your facility, you may have data about your target market that you can use for marketing and advertising. If you do, compile it for use in your marketing automation software.

3.      Choose your software

Which software meets your center’s unique needs? Take the time to research different automated software options, like MarketingCloudFX, to find the best one for your team and marketing goals.

Once you take the steps necessary to launch your automated marketing strategy, you can begin refining and improving your use of automated marketing software. You can also explore other applications for it, which can improve your results.

Planning for your automated marketing campaign

Now that you know what automated marketing is and how it can benefit your clinic, you’re ready to take action. The result will be a marketing campaign that helps you attract new clients, build advanced targeting audiences, drive website traffic, and grow your business with success.

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