What is Content Marketing?

“What is content marketing?” It’s a common question and one that’s gaining traction due to the power and performance of content marketing, which can help build brand awareness, as well as your center’s revenue and client numbers.

Keep reading to learn more about content marketing, from what it is to how it works!

The definition of content marketing

If this is your first time hearing about content marketing, you’re probably wondering, “What’s content marketing?” While you may be familiar with the expression that content is king, it doesn’t express what content marketing can do for your business.

Content marketing focuses on developing and publishing content that generates reader interest, interaction, and action. It can build brand awareness, improve lead generation, and increase purchase rates, which impacts your rehab center on multiple levels.

While providing a state-of-the-art facility with supportive services is key to your rehab center’s success, it’s vital to show potential clients the worth of your business in other ways, too. Since many prospective clients learn more about your clinic online, it’s crucial to enhance your digital marketing efforts, starting with the content you create.


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What are the types of content marketing?

You may know that content marketing is all about enhancing your company’s online content and providing readers with valuable information that guides them through your buying funnel, but did you know that there are various channels you can use when implementing this strategy, too?

Wondering which type of content marketing will work for your medical facility?

To provide up-to-date information from the healthcare industry that’s relevant to your clinic, consider launching a blog on your website.

What keywords or phrases are your customers typing into search engines to find your brand? Which questions are people in your target marketing asking on social media, website forums, and other sites? Use your answers as a starting point when creating your blog posts.

Another valuable form of content marketing that may surprise you is video marketing. While people don’t often associate videos with a website’s content, video marketing is a valuable way to convey useful information in a matter of minutes.

What other kinds of content can you create? Fortunately, you’re not limited.

Others valuable forms of content marketing include:

  • Infographics
  • Social media posts
  • Interactive content
  • And more

When you ask yourself, “What’s content marketing?” you’ll find that there are many ways to answer this question. If you love a marketing plan with options, then content marketing is an excellent choice.

You can engage with prospective clients, plus meet your goals for growth too.

How can content marketing benefit your rehab center?

When you establish an online presence for your rehab center, you want to ensure that the quality of the content matches the quality of your business. Developing effective and meaningful content will play a vital role in your company’s ability to grow.

That makes this marketing tactic an investment worth exploring.

Not sure how your rehab center would benefit from content marketing? Below, you can find the top three benefits of content marketing that can help bring your rehab facility the positive recognition it deserves.

brand awareness with a a person drawing an arrow up

1.      Better brand awareness

There are dozens of rehab centers across the nation that work to grab the attention of your prospective clients. With so many competitors, how can you ensure that your clinic stands apart from others who offer similar services?

The first step towards achieving online success for any business is getting recognized by others.

While you may have developed a top-quality facility with excellent services, how successful will your business be when it fails to get noticed? The more you improve and expand upon your online content, the more likely you are to enhance your brand’s visibility.

2.      Stronger customer relationships

Your clients are the backbone of your business and can impact your clinic’s success.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are one of the quickest ways to spread the message about your services. Before you can get your clients eager to share the benefits of your rehabilitation center, you have to develop a strong and lasting relationship with them first.

Content marketing is an excellent way to keep past clients happy and satisfied.

When you have satisfied clients, it increases their chances of telling others about their positive experience too. Use blog posts, email newsletters, social media, and more to interact with past clients and build their brand loyalty.

3.      Higher customer acquisition rates

When you regularly engage and interact with your audience, your rehab center will see higher acquisition rates. Content is a crucial part of inviting clients to explore your business, increasing your chances of motivating someone in need to contact your facility.

What better way to show the effectiveness of your services than with testimonials?

Testimonials portray your rehab center in a favorable light. Not only will you enhance your brand’s image, but you’ll earn repeat visitors to your website who have an interest in exploring your services more.

That’s only the beginning of the perks of a content marketing campaign for your facility. When you spread the word about your business and establish a sense of trust and expertise through content, you’re more likely to experience growth and success in your facility.

a thumbs up with the text great content

What makes for great content marketing?

While the first step to effective content marketing is developing a user-friendly interface on your website and creating engaging yet informative content, you may find it valuable to expand your campaign even further.

Directors of rehabilitation clinics should consider sharing testimonials and reviews from former and current clients who can provide a glimpse into the inner workings of your facility. That’s why blogs are a great example of a successful content marketing tactic for rehab centers.

Incorporate stories about other client journeys into your website like Skyland Trail, a rehab center that offers online resources for its clients. Their website encourages potential clients to consider rehab by sharing powerful and moving journeys of former clients.

When you display the accomplishments and stories of past clients, it can give prospective ones the push they need to explore your clinic further, whether by contacting your team or visiting your facility.

Another powerful content marketing tool used by successful rehab centers is social media. Establishing your company’s presence on websites such as Facebook or Instagram creates a user-friendly space to share video testimonials, information about upcoming events, and more.

Hillside, a treatment center for children and families, maintains an active social media presence on Facebook. The company posts videos, images, blog posts, and more to connect with its target audience.

Reference the content marketing plans developed by other successful medical centers in your industry to help your team develop a successful content marketing plan. Make sure you prepare a unique campaign, though.


Attract more clients with content marketing

Creating top-tier content doesn’t have to be overwhelming or a hassle.

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