What Is Video Marketing? (And Why It Matters to Your Center)

What Is Video Marketing? (And Why It Matters to Your Center)

Have you watched a video today? Whether you’re reading this article in the afternoon or after your morning cup of coffee, you’re likely to have already encountered a video or video advertisement thanks to video marketing. What is video marketing, though?

It’s an effective tactic used by businesses across all fields.

A quick video provides a visually-appealing and effective way to reach your targeted audience. It’s effortless to watch a video, so who wouldn’t want to use this strategy to promote their business and services?

It’s no secret that video marketing has become a prominent way for rehabilitation clinics to reach new clients and promote their brand. What does this mean for your center? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about video marketing before getting started.

What is video marketing?

Do you ever brainstorm marketing ideas and think that a specific promotion may be better perceived when viewed rather than read? For many businesses, video marketing gives them the opportunity to spread their branding in a fun and innovative way.

When most people think of video marketing, they’re likely to think of television ads that pop on their screens during a commercial break. But for businesses such as yours, video advertisements and marketing efforts can encompass a variety of topics and be shared on many more mediums.

So, what is video marketing and how can your clinic use this valuable tactic to its benefit? As the name of this strategy suggests, video marketing relies heavily on promoting a sense of awareness about your services or products through videos and video ads.

While videos don’t offer face-to-face interactions, they’re one of the most personal ways to acquire new clients. This form of marketing provides a visual channel for prospective clients to engage with your team members while learning more about your brand.

Best of all, you can use video marketing on almost any online medium.

Do you have a video with testimonials from former clients that you think may instill confidence in prospective clients to contact your business? If so, consider sharing this video on your YouTube channel or Facebook wall.

If you have a how-to or informative video, place it somewhere on your website. For example, you can position it with a blog post or service page that discusses the topic to provide readers with more information.

Video marketing is flexible, letting you decide how, when, and where you display your videos.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

Before you invest in a new marketing strategy, you want to know what makes these services worth your clinic’s time and money. Below, find out about the advantages of using video marketing tactics for your organization.

1. Increased brand awareness

The best way to gain new clients is by spreading the word about your brand. Fortunately, video marketing makes this both simple and hassle-free.

While other tactics, like social media marketing and email marketing, are essential, you want to provide a visually-engaging experience for your audience too. Videos display information in an effortless way for people, plus they’re easy to share with others.

When you share an educational video or testimonial compilation, it not only provides current clients with a better understanding of your brand, but it also gives them an easy way to share this information with others, like a loved one, too.


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2. Personalization that builds trust

When you shoot a video, it removes the sense of disconnect that can happen during interactions that don’t occur face-to-face. For instance, an email or article may not always show the voice of your company with 100 percent effectiveness.

A video, however, is a visual that makes it easier to connect with your audience.

As the leader of a rehabilitation center, you want your advertisements to connect with your prospective clients on an emotional level. Building a sense of trust and loyalty is a crucial part of converting everyday consumers into customers.

A conversational video can show prospective clients why your clinic is worth the investment.

3. Increase your search engine rankings

Did you know that Google favors websites and links with videos? When you use videos on your webpage or social media sites, you’re likely to increase the quality of your content and build your exposure with better success.

When you upload your videos to YouTube, it increases your visibility on Google. Interactive videos will not only improve your search engine rankings but also promote your overall content and lead to greater exposure on sites like Google too.

4. Enjoy a great ROI

When you ask yourself, “What is video marketing?” your next question probably focuses on the financial gains you can reap from this marketing tactic. As is the case with any investment, you want to understand what you can gain from this strategy.

Fortunately, video marketing is great at increasing sales.

With a video marketing campaign, you’re free to create a plan that suits your clinic’s budget.

No matter how much you invest in this tactic, you’ll be happy to know that video marketing is helpful for driving sales. This, in turn, means a high return on investment (ROI) for your business, making video marketing a tactic worth exploring for its financial gains.

What kinds of marketing videos can rehab centers create?

You’ve gone beyond the question of, “What is video marketing?”, and now you’re ready to explore how you can put this crucial branding tactic into practice. Director of rehab clinics should consider exploring the following types of videos when using this marketing plan:

1. Educational videos

Highlight the services or amenities offered at your clinic with an informative video that shares with viewers how they’d benefit from becoming a client at your rehabilitation center. You can also provide a tour of your facility, giving viewers a feel for your center.

Educational videos that highlight the perks of treatment can also provide prospective clients with the push they need to seek care.

2. Testimonial videos

What better way to reassure your potential clients that they’re making the right choice in choosing your clinic than by showing them videos from former clients?

Your current clients can provide testimonials that share the value of your facility, providing the incentive for those who watch the video to become a member of your clinic too.

3. Emotionally-driven videos

One of the greatest perks of video marketing is using a resource that can capture your audience’s emotions. The mixture of sound and visuals can provoke an emotional response in your audience and help your clients connect with your brand to a more successful degree.

No matter which video form you choose to use in your marketing campaign, you’ll undoubtedly find innovative ways to promote your clinic.

For example, maybe you develop a video that features not only a client but also their family to show the impact your rehab center made on more than one person’s life.

Educate and connect with clients through video marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Make sure you’re optimizing your clinic’s marketing campaign by using videos to boost your sales and conversion rates.

At WebFX, our team has the skills and resources required to help you get started. Reach out to our team by filling out our contact form for more information about developing a competitive video marketing campaign!


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