LegitScript Certification Process – What It Is and How To Get Certified

In this day and age, it is now more crucial than ever to advertise your rehab center whether it’s brand new or well established. With platforms such as Google, Bing, and Facebook, many business’s including rehab centers are advertising their business to increase their leads, their brand awareness, and overall their bottom line. However, you can’t just advertise your rehab center right way, you much first obtain a LegitScript Certification in order to advertise on the major advertising platforms.

What is a LegitScript Certification?

Having a LegitScript certification allows you the ability to advertise your Rehab Center on platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Bing. LegitScript is the only certification service that is trusted by these major platforms to advertise your rehab center or for drug and alcohol treatment providers. This certification ensures that rehab treatment providers are in compliance with current laws and regulations

This certification will allow you to reduce the number of advertising disruptions an uncertified provider would normally get. Many addiction treatment centers get their campaigns suspended or paused from advertising since they are not LegitScript certified. So to avoid any hiccups in your digital marketing campaign, it’s best to become certified as early as possible.

Being LegitScript certified also allows you to stand out from the competition! Since advertising digitally on Google, Bing, and Facebook is still a new marketing strategy, you will be able to make your rehab center crush your competition that hasn’t acquired a LegitScript certification.

How to become LegitScript certified

In order to get LegitScript Certified and start advertising your Rehab Center, you can apply on the main LegitScript website here. However, it is important to note that this certification comes at a cost. Depending on the number of rehab facilities or entities you own, the cost of a LegitScript application fee and annual fee will fluctuate based on where you stand.

It’s also important to note that becoming LegitScript certified is not a one-time task. In order for Google, Facebook, and other advertising platforms to trust you, constant monitoring is required. This is to make sure that your rehab center is constantly in compliance with laws and regulations.

LegitScript certification standards for rehab centers

In order to become LegitScript certified, you first need to meet the certification standards associated with rehab center providers.

  • Your business must be registered – Depending where you offer your rehab services, you must be duly registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or as a corporate entity.
  • Compliance – You must comply with any licensing agreements and laws for your rehab center within the state(s) you operate in.
  • Insurance – You must provide and maintain proof of insurance to operate your rehab center
  • Disclose locations – You must disclose all physical locations your rehab center(s) where you offer services and treatment
  • Disclose incentives – You must disclose all incentives that you currently offer patients or clients at your rehab center

Click here to read all of the LegitScript certification standards for your rehab center.

Let Rehab Center Marketing advertise your business once you’re certified

Once you have received your certification, or you are already LegitScript certified, it’s important to partner with an advertiser that is experienced in advertising specifically for rehab centers.

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