Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing for Rehab Centers

social-media-smWhen platforms like Facebook first became popular, members used them to keep in touch with family and friends. They’d post statuses and photos, and maybe like or comment on what others posted.

Today, users still do these things. However, they also connect with and share opinions about businesses, brands, and products. This means that even if your rehab center doesn’t yet have a presence on social media, there’s a good chance you’re already being discussed.

Thankfully, social media can be a powerful marketing tool when managed correctly. It’s a great way to manage your reputation, connect with potential clients and their loved ones, and get the word out about your rehab center.

Reach clients where they already are

Considering that 71% of all adults with Internet access use social media, it’s safe to assume that your past and potential clients are there. And if they’re like the average user and spend 2.7 hours per day on the platforms they use, that presents a significant opportunity to reach them.

If your rehab center is new to social media marketing, we recommend that you start with Facebook. It’s the most popular platform by far, so if you only have the resources to manage one social account, it will be the most effective in helping you engage with the highest number of clients.

That being said, we’ve also found Twitter and Pinterest to be useful for rehab center marketing. And although maintaining a presence on multiple social platforms requires a serious time investment, it’s entirely worth it if it helps you connect with those who need your services.


How does social media marketing work?

Social media’s main advantage to rehab centers is that it allows them to connect with clients and their loved ones on a more personal and relaxed level. Unlike most marketing methods, which involve detailed descriptions of services and targeted calls to action, pages on Facebook and other platforms allow users to engage without any pressure.

For centers that are focused on generating calls, this may not sound promising. However, given the sensitive nature of addiction treatment, building relationships on social media can be extremely beneficial to both you and your clients.

If you maintain a supportive and engaging social presence, your followers will be able to see firsthand that you genuinely care about your clients’ recovery. Then, when a client or their loved one is ready to seek assistance, they’ll already know who to call.

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How is social media marketing different for rehab centers?

Although there are tried-and-true social media marketing strategies that work in many industries, most of them are not effective for rehab centers. Unlike businesses who use their pages to post photos of events and happy customers, you have to be careful about what you share.

You already know that privacy is a serious concern when it comes to addiction treatment, so you can’t post photos of or statuses about your clients. And considering that photos are some of the most popular content on social media, that means you’ll need to get a little creative.

From our experience with rehab center social accounts, it’s still entirely possible to be successful by sharing relevant news articles, posting inspirational photos, and engaging with followers.

In addition to sharing your blog posts and site content, you can also post supportive messages on social media. Inspiring quotes and photos perform well on Facebook. And you can create a Pinterest board dedicated to sharing inspirational content. Many of your followers will appreciate the support, comment, and share your posts.

However, the strategies that work for you will depend heavily on your dedication to monitoring and updating your pages. Remember, social media enables two-way communication. And it allows followers to post questions, comments, and responses to your content.

Monitoring your social media sites will allow you to effectively communicate with potential patients. If they reach out on social media, you have to be prepared to share more information about your facility and the services you provide.

How WebFX can help

Building a strong social media presence is a challenge in any industry, but can be particularly difficult for rehab centers given that many clients don’t want to make their interest in addiction treatment services public. Because of this, marketing on platforms like Facebook requires experience and strategy.

If you’re looking to reach clients on social media, WebFX can help. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us, or give us a call at 855-316-6098! Our team of social media experts has years of experience marketing rehab centers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and they’re more than happy to help you get started.

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