A Fast Guide to Long-Tail Keyword Research for Rehab Centers

Every day, your potential clients turn to search engines like Google to learn more about rehabilitation clinics like yours. It’s tough to appear in high-value, high-competition search results related to your center, though. That’s where long-tail keywords become useful.

With this quick guide, you can learn not only what long-tail keywords are but also how to conduct long-tail keyword research that helps your facility appear in valuable search results with less competition from competitors.

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What are long-tail keywords?

As the name suggests, long-tail keywords are longer search terms that you can target in a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. A strategy focused on long-tail keywords can help your business increase its visibility in valuable search results.

Long-tail keywords are typically longer than two words, which makes them much more specific, yet still capable of reaching your target audience with success. As the searches progress and acquire more words, they also provide people with the information they want and need.

For instance, your prospective clients may begin with search inquiries such as “rehab center.” Then, they may narrow their search and investigate “rehab centers in my city,” or “rehabilitation clinics in my city that offer support for addiction,” and so on.

When you know which long-tail keywords to use in your SEO strategy, you’ll attract a much more targeted group of people. For example, your keyword strategy may focus on people interested in Service A rather than Service B.

While short-tail keyword searches for rehab clinics may leave your clinic on the third or fourth page of search engine results, more specific long-tail keywords and phrases can amplify your chances of getting noticed by the right people immediately.


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How do you find long-tail keywords for rehab centers?

Curious about how to start your long-tail keyword research with success?

Get started with these five tips!

1.      Use related searches

Have you ever noticed that search engines offer suggestions for related searches whenever you look something up? If you look up “rehab clinics,” for instance, Google will provide you with a list of searches related to this phrase at the end of your results page.

Common related searches can include, “rehab clinics for addictions,” “where to find a rehab center,” and “how to become a client at a rehab center.” Be sure to examine these possible suggestions and use them in your SEO efforts.

When you start with shorter, more basic phrases, search engines are likely to provide you with a few suggestions that can help you develop your long-tail keywords. As you click on those suggestions, you may even find additional long-tail keywords to target.

Plus, the related searches will provide you with insight into what your target audience wants to know. Do they want to know how to become a client? Are they inquiring about which clinics accept their insurance in your area?

Be sure to produce content that addresses these questions and to use the long-tail keywords that will help your audience find your site. Make sure you also follow SEO best practices for optimizing your site and its pages.

2.      Research your audience

Do you know who makes up your audience?

Start by examining the characteristics and needs that describe your current clients.

Is there a specific age demographic you’ll be targeting? Do your clients represent a socio-economic class? Be sure to reflect on your current and prospective clients to have a better understanding of who you want to reach.

If your prospective clients are often on the fence about pursuing rehab services, consider using targeted keywords such as, “how to know when to seek rehab,” or “why rehab may be the right choice.”

These keywords will not only provide them with the reassurance and information they need, but it will also redirect them to a source of help and potential guidance — your clinic.

The more you know about your audience, the more likely you are to choose long-tail keywords that correspond with their searches. You also gain insight into what motivates or even stops them from seeking help.

Researching Audience Connection

3.     Utilize keyword research tools

If you’re currently in the process of racking your brain and can’t seem to come up with the keywords that your business should be using, it may be time to ask for some help. Luckily, there are plenty of free and paid keyword research tools available.

A variety of tools help you determine the right keywords for your clinic’s needs.

Programs such as Soovle and UberSuggest take information from search engines and words relevant to your industry and compile an extensive list of long-tail keywords to help you find the best phrases for your SEO goals.

Online resources for determining long-tail keywords for your SEO campaign are plentiful and easy to use. Even Google search suggest, for instance, offers relevant word suggestions based on past searches by Google users.

Look through these lists and find search phrases that will benefit your rehab center.

You’ll never have to guess which words aren’t working and which keywords can help your business generate the attention it needs, either. Just be sure to use multiple research tools to ensure you’re getting the most from your long-tail keyword research.

4.      Browse forums and discussion boards

Not quite sure what your clients are researching? Turn to forums and discussion boards to find out more about the words, questions, and topics you should be prioritizing and covering on your website.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “How do I find a forum related to rehab services?” Just type the word of the phrase you want to learn more about and the word “forum” into a search engine. You’ll receive a results page full of different forums and discussion-oriented sites.

Browse these websites for categories or topics that relate to your clinic.

What do your prospective clients tend to research? What questions are they asking others related to rehab centers and services? On these sites, you’ll quickly find keywords and topics that can help you expand and narrow-in on the phrases you should use to target your audience.

5.      Locate and make use of your analytics data

Are you analyzing your current marketing strategies?

You should always know where your website traffic is coming from and what searches your visitors made before landing on your page. If you don’t have a general idea of which keywords to use, you’ll miss out on selecting the best search terms for your SEO campaign.

Use analytical tools, like Google Analytics, to develop a better understanding of your keyword strategy. If specific phrases aren’t helping you generate qualified traffic, they may be too competitive, and it may be time to optimize these pages for long-tail keywords instead.

Conduct a search query analysis or enlist the help of professional marketers who can investigate and assess your SEO strategy. When you reference your data and see which words transform into leads, it’ll be easier to achieve growth and reap the most rewards from your efforts.

Using Analytic Charts

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