How to Improve Your Rehab Center Website’s Conversion Rate

Do you know how many people are coming to your rehab center’s website, and then leaving to find a different rehab center? Are you sure you’ve set up your website to provide visitors with what they need to make a decision on coming to yours versus going somewhere else, or are you simply hoping for the best?

If you don’t have the answers to those questions, it’s time to consider how your website is converting people who end up on your site. This is known as website conversion, and it’s an integral measure of how well specific elements (known as key indicators) of your site are performing.

A Basic Look at Website Conversions and What They Mean

Every time a visitor comes to your rehab center website, you have a chance to make a conversion. A conversion could be any action, including picking up the phone and calling your toll-free number, filling out an online form for information, clicking through to another webpage for information, joining a mailing or e-mailing list, or chatting with a representative online. You decide what the exact conversion is per page.

After you have determined your preferred conversions, you need to track those conversions using web analytics. In many cases, this is done with the help of a web marketing company. Your web marketing partner will be able to develop reports that ensure your site is maximizing its conversions.

Why It’s Important to Know Your Site’s Conversion Rate

Could you ignore your conversion rates? Yes. Is that wise? No. If you don’t understand which pages are underperforming (or exceeding expectations), you are missing out on a huge opportunity to improve the performance of your site. You’ve invested in your rehab center’s website development. Doesn’t it make sense to constantly evaluate your continuing return on investment (ROI)?

Aside from ROI, knowing your site’s conversion rate for key performance indicators (often abbreviated as KPIs) will help you help others. Your organization’s mission is to change lives for the better. If your conversions are lower than you want, you’re ignoring segments of the population who could benefit from the rehabilitation possibilities you offer.


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Elements That Can Improve Your Conversion Rates

Just a few of the factors that go into improving your rehab center website’s conversion rate optimization (CRO) include:

  • Thinking about the user experience (UX). When someone lands on a particular page at your site, what happens? What is the visitor’s overall experience? Are they getting the information they want and need to take the next step? Concentrate on the UX of each webpage, and you’ll be moving toward a better understanding of how to improve your conversion rates.
  • Having a specific user funnel. Do you currently have sales funnels in place on your website? A sales funnel helps to channel visitors from one page to another. For instance, you might have a web landing page with a call-to-action to click on a form to submit information to you. From there, you can use the information to get back to them immediately and discuss their needs. Every web page should have a distinctive, trackable user funnel.
  • Analyzing all your conversions. It takes time to correctly analyze your data for all the KPIs you have chosen. However, this is critical to increasing your conversion rates. If you do not have the time, knowledge, or team in place to analyze your conversion rates for your rehab center’s site, it’s time to work with a CRO marketing partner that does.
  • Testing conversion rates. Conducting split tests, or A/B tests, on two (or more) different web pages can help you see which are more likely to improve your rehab center website’s conversion rates. Testing may surprise you. Many rehab centers find they learn a lot about their visitors when they employ split testing.

Your end goal is twofold. First, you must be able to keep your rehab center afloat by getting your company’s name in front of people who need what you offer. Secondly, you have to stay true to your company’s mission and vision, which will allow you to help as many individuals as you can. Focusing on your website’s conversion rates can help you achieve both goals.

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