5 Ways Rehab Centers Can Benefit from Call Tracking

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Inbound calls from customers has long been a main type of lead generation for rehab centers, and with the continual rise of mobile searching, it will likely continue to be a major form of qualified leads. Given this fact, it’s crucial that rehab centers are tracking their calls so that they can take advantage of call tracking’s many benefits. Read on to discover the incredible benefits of rehab center call tracking!

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is the process of recording information about incoming calls to your rehab center — and in some cases recording the actual call. Pulling in this information for every phone call enables your rehab center to see who calls your center, when they call, what their needs are, where they’re calling from, and even analyze exact transcripts of the phone calls.

Why is call tracking important for rehab centers?

Phone calls have become the ideal medium for booking clients online for the healthcare industry, with as many as 88% of clients choosing to book over the phone. As a result, tracking, analyzing, and improving your rehab center’s campaign by using incoming call data is essential.

Call tracking for rehab centers helps track information regarding the who, what, when, where, and why of their incoming calls, which they can use to improve marketing quality, make strategic decisions that will have the biggest effect on their campaigns, and ultimately drive more incoming clients!

How does call tracking work?

In order to begin using call tracking for your treatment center’s marketing, you’ll need to set up tracking software on your website and wherever else you plan to track incoming calls (e.g., traditional billboard advertisements).

When using call tracking software, your rehab center sets up a tracking phone number, which will mask your current phone number. With your current phone number masked, website users will dynamically be shown a tracking phone number in the place of and instead of your current phone number. For example, if your current phone number on your center’s website is 1-800-333-3532, a tracking phone number would be displayed for users in place of the 1-800 number. Multiple phone numbers can also be linked with different channels or campaigns to segment tracking data!

5 benefits of call tracking for rehab centers

Let’s take a look at five top reasons your rehab center should start using call tracking.

1. Call tracking improves your rehab center’s customer experience

Call tracking gives your website users a better experience by empowering improvement in call quality, service, and in some cases improving the look and feel of your contact information.

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With call recordings and transcripts permanently available to your rehab center, this important lead source can be analyzed and constantly improved for the quality of the service you are providing over phone calls.

Many times, rehab centers have toll-free or 1-800 numbers set up on their websites for clients to call. This practice can give a commercialized feel to your rehab center, rather than the safe, trusted, and even local appeal you may be targeting.

Call tracking numbers which mask the 1-800 numbers removes this perception. This small difference could make a big impact, as 86 percent of consumers trust the quality of local businesses over national or international.

2. Call tracking records Important client call data

Call tracking allows your rehab center to manage the most important aspect of your clients – their personal needs and information! As is the case with tracking other leads containing potentially sensitive client information, data from call tracking should be handled appropriately by rehab centers.

With permanent and exact records, and in some cases recordings of what was said on phone calls, potential clients’ descriptions of their situations can be accurately analyzed to ensure that they are given the care they need. In the healthcare industry especially, the more information that can be gathered on a potential lead, the better they can be served.

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3. Call tracking helps you analyze target market behavior

When developing marketing strategies, call tracking empowers you to drive powerful results from your treatment center’s target market behavior.

attracting your target market

Information regarding when your potential clients call during the day, what days are the most popular, and how long calls take will provide valuable information that can be applied to your overall rehab center’s marketing strategy. Over time, tracking these parameters will provide your business with relevant and useful averages, volume metrics, and lows and highs that can be used to effectively drive more qualified leads for the business.

4. Call tracking allows you to analyze your rehab center’s impact by channel and campaign

One of the biggest strategic advantages of call tracking is the ability to break your Internet marketing initiative down by campaign or channel and analyze the specific impact that each has for your business.

While before you may have understood that your rehab center receives about 18 calls a week. With call tracking we could see that 10 of these calls came from organic search traffic, 6 came from paid advertisements, and 2 from social media.

5. Call tracking helps you understand the value of your rehab center’s Internet marketing efforts

In Internet marketing, gathering as much data as possible is important as it helps to make better decisions, and understand the value of your efforts.

Using call tracking as a part of a marketing strategy gives rehab centers the ability to analyze both quantitative and qualitative data, both of which helps them develop a better understanding of the potential worth of your Internet marketing initiatives.

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For example, beforehand, you may have understood that you get on average about 24 calls a week.

With call tracking, you can understand that 18 of these calls are coming from your website, and only six from your billboard advertisement. With this type of data, you will be able to allocate money to where it will have the highest impact for your business.

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