How Rehab Centers Can Manage Their Reputations Online

Reputation management is a hot topic among rehab centers. With so many rehab centers vying for consumer attention, it’s common for potential clients to conduct a thorough online search about their top picks to determine which facility is best-suited to assist them.

When people research your rehab center, you don’t want them to see any of the following:

  • Bad press related to an incident at your facility, or with ties to your facility.
  • Negative reviews on the most popular review sites.
  • Poor grades for your onsite and on staff health professionals.
  • Disgruntled past clients talking about your lack of service on social media.
  • Articles giving your rehab center bad ratings compared to your competition.

If you have these issues online, it’s time to launch into a reputation management improvement campaign. Even if you have a great web-based reputation, it’s a good idea to carefully and consistently manage your reputation. This helps you avoid any unwanted surprises.


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Proven Ways to Manage Your Center’s Online Reputation

When it comes to reputation management, being aware is the key. You have to know exactly what’s being said about your organization on the Internet. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Monitor search engines periodically. Don’t wait for months to Google your rehab center. Do it on a weekly basis, or on a daily basis if you’re in true crisis mode.
  • Look at what’s being said about your rehab center on social media. It might not always be pleasant to read negative reviews, but do it. You’ll learn how people are viewing your center. You may also realize that some of your services or systems are lacking, which gives you the opportunity to make everything better.
  • Pay attention to press information regarding your industry. Even if your rehab center is not named specifically, an article that goes viral about another rehab center could cast a doubtful eye on your facility.

As you’re monitoring what’s occurring online, you may come across comments on social media, blog posts, articles, review sites, etc., that say hurtful, angry, untrue or scathing things about your rehab center. Resist the immediate urge to either: a) delete the comments — if that’s within your power, or b) write an instant response.

Instead, be thoughtful. Is there a grain of truth in the comments? Does the commenter have a point? Could you learn something valuable from this negative comment?

In general, it’s best to answer any negative comments you determine should be kept on the Internet, or those comments you do not have the power to remove. A simple response such as, “We take our services very seriously, and we would like to discuss your concerns. Please call us at…” can go a long way. People reading the review and your response will see your rehab center as taking responsibility. You’ll leave an overall favorable impression, even if the review or comment was rude, pointed or angry.

Beyond becoming a regular monitor, there are other ways to repair a rehab center reputation that’s been tarnished by a series of online comments, reviews, articles, blog posts and more. Some of the wisest include:

  • Write articles and blog posts on a regular basis and put them on your website. This will help drive up your page ranks and drive down any negative comments. The more material you put out about your rehab center, the more control you’ll have.
  • Find a really egregious article filled with outright lies about your rehab center? It may be time to take serious legal action. In some cases, it’s possible to have untruths removed from the Internet. You’ll need to find a web professional who understands how to take the steps to potentially make this happen. Be aware that it’s rare, but it may work in very extreme cases.
  • Do your best to mitigate problems before your current or past clients decide to air their grievances online. Often, angry consumers will come to you first. This gives you a golden opportunity to make things right.
  • Encourage happy clients to write positive reviews and comments online. If your rehab center has tons of positive comments and only a few negative ones, the positive comments will help overshadow the negatives.

Just as you would your personal reputation, take care with your rehab center’s online reputation. The better it is and the more control you have over it, the more apt you’ll be to have success.