Link Building Strategies for Rehab Centers

Rehab centers operate in a highly competitive industry. This means their SEO practices have to be world-class so they rise in search engine rankings. They also need to consider how they are building their inbound links to boost the number of people who find their site.

If you’re new to link building, you can start improving the number of links to your web pages through any of the following methods:

Original content

Consistently updating your web content with original articles is a wonderful way to attract attention. Your content must be wholly your own, so you’ll avoid copyright infringement and associated problems. Not sure which topics to write about? Start by thinking about the biggest questions you’re asked as a rehab center. Can you answer those questions with well-written articles? If so, start writing. You can also work with a web development agency to have the articles ghostwritten.

Adding infographics

Have you heard the term “sticky”? It refers to any piece of content that tends to get traction, especially on social media and in directories. Infographics are very sticky, because they say so much in a relatively small, aesthetically-interesting space. Infographics can be used alone or to enhance an article. Remember to always source your infographics and make sure you include a call-to-action (CTA) for visitors to link to the infographic.

Social media

Being on social media is essential for rehab centers across the United States and Canada. It’s no longer okay to “opt out” of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can propagate your social media pages with everything from announcements of new blog posts and articles to upcoming events. As a rehab center, you can also direct people to articles relevant to your industry. Over time, you should start to see your backlinks improve as people comment on and connect to your web pages.


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It’s amazing to see how many rehab centers either do not have blogs or do not keep their blogs up to date. Both are a mistake. Starting a blog is as easy as adding web pages to your site and updating the navigation bars. A blog is an ideal place for you to showcase your rehab center’s expertise. You can add content, infographics, images, videos and even audio recordings. Your blog is like a personal newspaper. Be sure to add an RSS feed option so people can link back to your blog from their sites.


Do you have a relationship with a non-competing business? You can always ask that company for a link on their site back to yours. Feel uncomfortable about this type of inquiry? Offer to write something, such as a blog post, their audience members might find interesting. Then, be certain they give you and your web site credit and links when they publish the post. The organization will get a new piece of content for their blog, and you’ll get the backlink.

Join a podcast

You don’t necessarily have to start your own podcast, which can be time-consuming, but how about approaching a top podcast about being an interviewee? Many podcast organizers are actively looking for experts in all types of industries. You may be able to add your information, and the podcast is likely to give you a backlink as a guest.

Submit articles and press releases to online directories

Online directories are available for you to submit some of your best articles, infographics and media releases. Just make sure the online directories you choose are high-quality. Otherwise, you’ll be getting low-ranking links.

Launch a YouTube channel

Do you already have a YouTube corporate account? Beef up the videos you have on your site and develop a channel with a following. Your videos can be about anything you’d like, and they’ll give you the chance to get backlinks as others refer to them on social media, as well as on their blogs.

It takes time and diligence to build links, but it can be a fantastic way to see a steady stream of new and returning visitors to your rehab center’s web site.

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