How to reduce bounce rate on your rehab center’s website

A high bounce rate is one of the most crippling downfalls of a website, especially for a rehab center trying to get new clients. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of people that enter your rehab center’s site and exit before going to other pages. And the more a visitor looks at your site the better the chance that they’ll convert into a new lead.

Here are some ways to reduce the bounce rate of your site.

Use multiple landing pages

One of the top reasons that your site may have a high bounce rate is because you only have a single landing page serving multiple purposes.

When someone goes to that page, they have an idea about the information they want to see. But your visitors probably won’t find the specifics they want on a catch-all landing page.

Not only is a one-size-fits-all landing page bad for bounce rate, but it’s also bad for your search engine rankings since there’s only one page to index. That makes it harder for you to end up on the first page of Google search results for keywords that are important to your business.

In order to decrease your bounce rate, ensure that your website has more than one landing page. Each page should target a different keyword or question that your potential leads would have so you can attract them from search engines, give them the information they need, and keep them on your site for as long as possible.

Use calls-to-action on every page

Calls-to-action are some of the most important elements on your website.

A call-to-action is any part of your site that tells users what to do next. That could be reading more information, downloading a guide, or converting into a new lead.

When you present your visitors with calls-to-action, you are essentially nudging them to contact your rehab center to either get more information or convert.

Many website visitors go to a website with a goal in mind. If your site caters to what they want, your visitors are much more likely to become leads.

If you don’t have calls to action, visitors won’t know what to do next, and they’ll bounce away from your site.


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Find and fix web design flaws

No website is perfect, but it should always strive to be.

There are many elements that go into a great website design, and neglecting those elements is a huge cause of a high bounce rate. If a visitor enters your site and sees overwhelming color, walls of text, automatically-played videos, or other aggressive design choices, they’ll probably leave.

You can minimize bounce rate by incorporating some basic design elements onto your site.

First, your site design should include a clear navigation path that lets your visitors find other pages of your site. Each page should have unique text, graphics, videos, and even interactive elements to engage visitors.

The text on your page should be broken into easy-to-read paragraphs of three sentences, maximum. That means visitors aren’t starting at a wall of text.

It is also critical for your site to be responsive on all platforms. A staggering 72% of consumers say that they research products and services on a smartphone. If your site isn’t responsive, you’ll lose those mobile leads. Check out this page on our site for more information about web design for rehab centers.

Regularly update your site

If a visitor comes to your site and sees your most recent blog posts were created a year ago, that visitor will think you’re an out-of-date institution that can’t be trusted to have current information. This makes your site untrustworthy, which also loses potential leads.

It’s not only your consumers that like an updated page, but Google also loves updated information. Fresh content will definitely help your Google rankings, helping you to soar to the top of the page.

Updating your site with fresh blogs is another great way to update your site. If you’re too busy to upload them yourself, try using a program like buffer to schedule your posts.

Optimize your site’s loading speed

If your site takes more than three seconds to load, your visitors will leave for a website that loads faster.

It may seem trivial, but load time is one of the leading causes of high bounce rates. Visitors want information the minute they enter your site — they don’t want wait.

You can do that by going into your site’s back-end code and eliminating extra tags, outdated elements, and other problems that might make your site load longer. You can also test your site speed with Google’s speed test tool.

Overall, the success of your rehab center is centered on having a low bounce rate. That keeps people on your site and hopefully converting into a new lead. Don’t let bounce rate be the reasons your rehab center isn’t getting customers.  Contact us today to get more leads from your website!