How to Build an Email List for Marketing Your Rehab Center

Curious about how to build an email list for marketing your rehab center? This helpful post is for you. While the idea of growing your subscriber list may seem daunting, you can build a high-quality mailing list of loyal and lasting subscribers in a few simple steps.

Get started with these nine easy-to-follow steps:

1.      Enroll in an email marketing service

When you’re launching your email marketing campaign, you have to choose an email service provider (ESP) to access the necessary tools for building and managing an email list. An ESP is also useful for sending content to your subscribers.

If your rehab center doesn’t offer email services but is thinking about providing an email subscription to clients in the near future, partner with an ESP company who can help you get started.

Great email service options you should consider using for your rehab facility include:

If you partner with an email marketing agency, they can help you make the most of these platforms. For example, they can help you create email templates, send out emails, and maintain your subscription list.

2.      Make sharing your emails easy

One of the best ways to organically grow your subscription list is through recommendations and sharing. If you write an intriguing or informative email with valuable information, your subscribers may want to share your email with friends, family members, and colleagues.

Make sharing your emails easy by providing buttons or links that allow subscribers to send your messages to others with ease. Social sharing buttons are also a great way to generate buzz about your business and grow your subscription list too.

Person sharing emails on their tablet3.      Ensure your subscribers are still active

With time, businesses that use email marketing will find themselves with a subscription list that has inactive users. Whether your subscribers get a new email address or pass over your emails, it’s vital to know how many people on your subscription list receive and read your messages.

You don’t want your messages to go unread, which makes sending an opt-in message on a routine basis crucial. An engaging message that motivates users to remain subscribers ensures that your current subscription list features active users.

While removing old contacts from your email list may seem unusual from a business standpoint, promoting a subscription list with engaged contacts improves your chances of motivating readers to become clients.

4.      Offer exclusive newsletters

If you’re wondering how to build an email list for marketing purposes, the best way to capture your prospective clients’ attention comes from offering content that is only accessible by signing up for your email services.

New information becomes available in the medical field daily. If there’s a breakthrough discovery in rehabilitation services or a new medicine that promises to help clients, be sure to use these topics as a source of inspiration for your newsletters.

Exclusive messages can encourage consumers to join your newsletter because they’ll receive up-to-date information that may not be available on your website. Best of all, they only need to take one simple step to enjoy these benefits.

For many, providing an email address is a worthwhile exchange for valuable information.

Person surfing the web in the dark5.      Promote your email list on social media

Social media serves as an excellent channel for communicating with current and potential clients. Did you know that social media also provides you with a myriad of opportunities to grow your email list too, though?

Many rehab centers likely already have an established presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter due to these platforms’ abilities to promote mindful discussion and client interactions.

Since you’re likely to have developed a strong social media presence, take advantage of your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter following by inviting these followers to become subscribers to your email newsletter.

Provide a call-to-action at the top of your social media pages to start. Link to a page on your website that allows followers to join your newsletter. Suggest they take advantage of this exclusive content that you provide to clients via email.

This invitation can motivate many followers to subscribe.

6.      Make signing up on your website easy

How else can you build an email list for marketing your rehab facility?

Since your website serves as one of the most important platforms for your digital marketing efforts, you likely already have a page where prospective clients can learn about your services. Now, the next step is to inform those who visit your site about your email newsletter.

As soon as visitors use your website, make it known that your business has an email newsletter.

Invite clients to provide feedback, learn more about your services, and receive newsletters by subscribing to your email. Link to your subscription options throughout your website in crucial areas, including your contact page.

If you have gated content on your website, like a guide, you can also require visitors to supply their email to access the content. This tactic works well for businesses from a variety of industries, including medical.

Woman using laptop7.      Segment your emails

If you’re not sure what email segmentation is, you’ll want to learn more about this useful email marketing tactic today. Its usefulness is why organizations across the healthcare industry make use of it in their email marketing campaigns.

Since not everyone in your subscription list will benefit from a specific email you intend to send, it helps to divide your subscribers into smaller segments. You determine these segments based on who you plan to target with your next message.

When you segment your emails, you personalize your subscription list and emails by delivering relevant content to specific groups in your target market. Not only does this prevent you from flooding all your subscribers’ inboxes with potentially unhelpful information, but it also provides personalized emails that reach individuals with a specific set of interests too.


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8.      Collect emails on-site

What better place to give clients the ability to opt-in to your email services than at your facility? Your current clients represent an audience of prospective email subscribers who have already confirmed interest in your business by attending your facility.

Many rehab centers also rely on face-to-face interactions to build a sense of trust and confidence in their services. At check-in desks, give clients the option of enrolling in your clinic’s email services to help provide them with more resources throughout their wellness journey.

While most people may be hesitant about providing information like their email address and name to unknown companies, getting to know prospective clients in your office provides them with the security they need to sign up for your company’s emails with confidence.

Grow your center’s email list with subscribers that matter

Your email marketing tactics are only as strong as your subscription list. If your rehabilitation clinic is serious about maximizing its opportunities to connect with prospective clients, growing your email list is a necessary step for your clinic.

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