Rehab Center PPC: Google or Bing?

One of the most common questions revolving around PPC, or pay-per-click advertising involve whether a company should advertise on Google, Bing, or both.

Both search engines have their pros and cons, and this blog will outline everything you need to know to make the decision of where to advertise your rehab center.

Demographics Google Users vs. Bing Users

It is important that you are buying ads on the platform your target market is using. These demographics about Google and Bing users can help you decide where your potential clients are searching.


Bing reaches 64 million searchers who are not reached by Google, and makes up 30% of US searches, now that Bing and Yahoo have combined.

Over half of Bing searchers are married or living with a partner and about a quarter are single and have never been married. Of this audience, over half is between 25-54 years old, which is a higher average age than that of Google searchers. Based on their age, they are likely to have children.

Almost one third of Bing searchers have a yearly household income of $100,000 or more. 27% have graduated from college, while another 26% have also attended or completed graduate school. That being said, however, Bing users are usually less techy and are generally blue collar.


Google takes up more than 83% of worldwide searches and holds 65% of the market share of US searches.
The majority of Google searchers are between 18-44, with 18-34 year olds making up the largest portion. Generally, Google users are college educated, tech savvy, and white collar. Based on age, Google users are less likely than Bing users to have children. So what does this mean for rehab centers?
Based on statistics from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), young adults aged 18-25 have the highest percentage of substance use disorders at 16.3 percent. 15 percent of elderly individuals may have a substance abuse problem, as well as 5 percent of adolescents.

College graduates over age 26 are less likely to battle drug addiction than those who did not graduate for high school or did not finish or attend college.

No matter whom you are targeting, the addict or the addict’s loved ones, demographic-wise, both Google and Bing are good choices for PPC advertising for rehab centers. Addicts are likely to seek out their own help once they realize and admit that it is necessary, but loved ones should be targeted as well.

An addict’s loved ones are likely to realize the need for help earlier and can be a deciding factor in which rehab center is chosen when all is said and done.

Utilizing both Google and Bing makes your rehab center more likely to reach all relevant demographics.


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Which is better for pay-per-click advertising?

There are various pros and cons for both Google and Bing in regards to pay-per-click advertising. You can use this list to prioritize which attributes are most important to your rehab center.


Google is generally more expensive than Bing because there is a lot more competition on Google. Despite Google having more volume and reaching more users, it is about 71% more expensive than Bing. Bing gives the opportunity to attain leads with less competition and a much lower cost.

If you are running on a low budget for PPC, Bing could be a great option.

If money is just a number, then Google is a great marketing tool. As with anything in marketing, test it to see what works. Move budget around in different platforms, keywords, and ads to see what gives the greatest return on investment.


Users searching for rehab centers on Bing are more likely to see, notice, and interact with your ads than they are on Google, because there is less competition. Google, however, has the potential to reach a much larger number of people with your ad.

There are a lot of rehab centers out there, which can make it very difficult to compete for your ad to show, and even harder to get users to interact with it. If you have trouble showing up on Google or have trouble getting clicks and conversions, Bing is a great option.

With less competition, there are fewer ads for you to compete against, which creates greater odds that your rehab center will be chosen.


Google AdWords system is extremely user-friendly which makes it simple to optimize your PPC campaigns. In the types of ads you can make, they are fairly similar. What Google does, Bing usually follows within a few months.

Once you have your ads and campaigns set up in Google AdWords, Bing has a feature that allows you to effortlessly import everything over to Bing. This feature makes Bing setup extremely simple if you have already been using Google and are looking for new ways to optimize PPC for your rehab center.

So, Google or Bing?

The short answer is both.

Google and Bing both have unique features and unique user demographics. Using both platforms together can supplement each other nicely and make it more likely that you cover the large majority of people in need of rehab services. Being that rehab centers have a wide range of target demographics, using both Google and Bing makes sense for the industry.

Have you chosen a search engine?

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