8 of the Best Email Marketing Tips for Rehab Centers

For many medical and rehab centers, email marketing offers a helpful medium for reaching potential and current clients, as well as their families. It takes time, dedication, and experience to launch a successful campaign, though.

With these email marketing tips, however, you can make the process easier.

Keep reading to learn about the eight best email marketing tips for rehab centers and get started on building a better email marketing campaign for your facility to help more clients achieve recovery.

1.      Balance informative with engaging

The reality is that everyone’s inbox gets flooded with unopened messages. Your primary goal is to ensure your emails don’t automatically head towards the trash or spam box in the same way that many other company email blasts do.

What can you do to ensure content from your rehab center gets noticed? When you market your medium online, like through email, you have to capture your audience’s attention while also providing them with valuable insight into your business as well.

While you want to let others know about your facility and its treatment programs, your ultimate goal consists of building a community of subscribers who you can count on to read your messages and act on them.

Learn more about your potential clients so that you can create informative, yet engaging content for your target audience. Depending on your strategy, you may even consider surveying readers to determine what kind of content they want to read.

2.      Show the value of your staff and services

When subscribers receive an email from your company, they form a subconscious opinion about the importance of your business, based on how much they value your center’s services and team members.

If this is your facility’s first time using email marketing, let your audience know what distinguishes your team and center from other locations and physicians in the area. Highlight the experience, professionalism, and friendliness of your team, for example.

You can demonstrate the value of your center by sharing testimonials, for instance. In some cases, rehab facilities ask past clients to share their story, which can have an immense impact on your email marketing campaign and business.

3.      Keep content to the point

When people browse the Internet, they encounter a virtual world of distractions. From social media to game-driven apps, there is a variety of different attention-grabbing opportunities available at your target market’s fingertips.

For your center, that means keeping your text to the point is critical.

How can you maintain your audiences’ attention and ensure they open and read your email?

Be informative and thorough but remember that less may be more in some cases. When consumers open their emails, they want to quickly get the answer or information promised by your email subject line.

Deliver emails with a concise message that offer the right amount of information to your audience. In most cases, your team will have to experiment with email lengths to see how much content is too much and just enough.

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4.      Connect with subscribers

The key to transforming those on your mailing lists into potential or loyal clients focuses on building a sense of emotional trust between you and your audience. If you deliver emails that have a robotic, clinical language, it can cause users to unsubscribe.

As a rehab center, you may have to work even harder to overcome stigma or hesitancy that some consumers attach to treatment-oriented programs. When someone subscribes to your email list, however, it shows they’re becoming acquainted with the idea of treatment.

You also need to show your subscribers that they can trust your clinic to help fulfill all their rehabilitation needs. As rehab centers can provide life-changing services, it’s vital to carefully craft your emails in a manner that demonstrates trust, warmth, and reliability.

5.      Offer worthwhile content

Nothing is more frustrating than reading through an entire email and finishing off the last sentence with the sad realization that you’ve wasted your time. When reading relevant and engaging content, however, readers have the exact opposite reaction.

Not only will subscribers be more likely to visit your website after reading an intriguing email, but the chances of past client spreading the word about your clinic is much higher when you produce high-quality messages with valuable information, too.

For the best results from this email marketing tip, consider your audience before developing your content. It’s also helpful to segment your audience into groups, like past clients, potential clients, or even client families, to create relevant content.


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6.      Highlight your values

Whenever an owner advertises their business, they tend to list off the value of their services.

However, the chances are high that potential clients aren’t signing up for your email newsletter to hear about your services 24/7. While it’s still crucial to inform prospective clients about the value of your offerings, it shouldn’t be your core objective when writing an email.

Instead of promoting your services, share your values instead.

What is your rehab centers philosophy? What are some of the top values your rehab center holds? Let your audience know the principles and morals that serve as the backbone of your daily operations.

When subscribers see that values such as empathy, trust, and compassionate care play an essential role in your clinic’s everyday operations, it motivates them to explore your facilities further.

7.      Expand your audience

While it may seem like a wasted effort to send emails to anyone that isn’t a prospective client, your center can benefit in multiple ways when emailing past clients, medical professionals in the industry, and even family members of clients that subscribe to your email newsletter.

For past clients, you can deliver emails that keep them informed on your facility’s latest news and accomplishments. You can also share helpful articles that may build on the teaching and treatment provided by your rehab center.

Another email marketing tip focuses on targeting individuals that previously expressed an interest in your treatment services. For example, they may have visited your facility and reviewed your prices but didn’t become a client.

If you have their contact information, you can follow-up with them.

8.      Stay informed on trending topics

Are there new emerging studies on addiction? Have doctors recently discovered new treatment forms that your facility now offers? It’s crucial to provide your subscribers with fresh content that reflects information currently trending in the medical community.

As a top rehab center, you want to spread information that educates readers about rehab treatment. When you take this educational approach, you provide subscribers with content that can help them make a decision when it comes to seeking treatment.

Keeping readers informed on the latest happenings in the medical community also demonstrates the expertise and experience of your center. This factor is another motivator for readers to choose your facility or recommend it.

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Grow the reach of your email marketing campaign

Developing an effective email marketing campaign can help your rehab center reach and help more clients. It can also build your reputation in the healthcare industry, which can result in company growth, as well as top talent becoming a part of your team.

Get started on your email marketing campaign with these helpful email marketing tips.

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